Monday, March 19, 2007

Wherein Sarah Louise continues surfing and blogging....

Just came back from the latest Sandra Bullock flick--Premonition. WOW. It was phenomenal. First off--she does the housewife thing pretty well--rejecting the sweater that's not dirty, dusting the mantle. Secondly, well, if you've seen it, email me and we'll discuss. It would be way too easy to emit spoilers. And, who knows, maybe the critics saw a different movie or my standards are just very different.

So I talked to the 'rents for a requisite five minutes. Mama is grading papers and Papa is reading scholarship essays. Sis is watching 24. (So I didn't get to talk to her at all.)

I answered an email from Paula, who did a very creative post about the installation of her furnace her trip to New York City this Spring. Then I came over here, and saw that Blackbird had posted something new--a button movie!! You gotta see this--it is amazing. And if you like buttons (we do) it's da bomb.

What else? Oh, a lovely post from Juniper, a woman I discovered via bobbie, concerning blondes and hair issues. I could not stop laughing. She also has up the YouTube about the medieval help desk--you won't want to miss this...

I've been adding/editing my blogroll, so things are named differently, or in different order...hey, it's like moving your furniture around. You gotta do it every once in a while.

Oh, and you might be wondering if I found a therapist--I think I did. The office is tucked in a little nook where Pine Creek comes through, so you park right by the creek, and then go inside. When you get to the office, the ambient music is very New Age and calming. And I liked the therapist. I'll see her again next week.

Well, it's 10:15. I'm not going to do the homework for WBS--it was about bitterness, this chapter, and it hit hard and home. (Bitter? Me? Never!) But I do want to go to bed so that I can wake up and maybe even get to Bible study on time, for once in a blue moon.

"Just once, in a very blue moon, and I feel one coming on soon." (Nanci Griffith)


Amy said...

I enjoy most of Sandra's movies, I'll admit. I absolutely loved Lake House, even though it had it's horrible acting moments (thanks, Keanu!)

So glad you found a new therapist!! What a way to start off Spring, huh?

Sarah Louise said...

Yes, and I got to WBS on time!!

KitchenKiki said...

So, I FINALLY updated my blog, if only to that it was "updated" on your blog roll. Only it doesn't say that. I think I need a cookie. Only I'm out. SIGH I guess I'll just go to bed.

The WV is ionily. That sounds like something I was supposed to learn in science class in 11th grade. hmmm. Or maybe a new band on MySpace.

Happy vernal equinox.

Sarah Louise said...

K--the "updated" function seems quite capricious. Some blogs catch it, some don't. Whateve. It's just another toy...


Amy A. said...

You are a busy, busy girl!

I'm glad you found a therapist, too. Sounds like a nice environment.

I didn't care for Premonition, but I do like Sandra Bullock. I did have to laugh when she dusted the same mantle twice in a row. That would never happen over here!

KitchenKiki said...

Yeah, I can stop pouting, it says updated now! Maybe since you commented & I commented on your comment??? I don't know.

What is this "Dusting" you & Amy referred to? I don't think I'm familiar with this process.