Friday, March 09, 2007

The sales figures show...

Okay, so I did an informal, unscientific tally of what topics bring the most comments. Butter dishes, apparently. (24!!)

Other high comment posts included topics such as: books, show and tell and/or any post with pictures of shoes, Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston (none of you seem to like her), the Psalms, dating, women, friendships, grocery shopping, movies, Sex and the City, bipolar and/or therapists, food (white vs. yellow popcorn), and my mother.

So in the hopes of bringing more readers over yon, and keeping the ones I already have, I think I'll be talking more about books, Sex and the City, and food. (Sprinkled in with some of the other stuff.)

I had thought of blogging through the Psalms, but there are 150...I suppose it could be "an occasional series" like BB's boxes.

So here goes.

Food: I have two boxes of Samoas (Girl Scout cookies) on my desk. I have just opened one box. I wonder how long it will take me to finish it? Serving size is 2 cookies--150 calories!! I've been drinking water like it's going out of style, but the Mucinex is still not...well, doing it's job. We'll leave it at that. I have the plain, 12 hrs, just Guaf. (Having a cold is not nice for the budget, btw!!)

Books: I am reading In Her Shoes. While it is not the best Jen Weiner book, it's pretty darn good. I understand why most of us have seen the movie, not read the book, but as mind candy goes, it's pretty good stuff. Oh Lordy. Good stuff? Darn good? Okay. I like this book because it deals with relationships. There are the two sisters, total opposites, the grandmother, who is trying to break out of her fears (and dating a cute senior gentleman), and then there is the cute lawyer who is crazy about Rose. Plus, there's a cameo from Cannie, the heroine from Good in Bed. I'm a little over halfway through. I bought it for 60 cents at the library bookstore yesterday when I NEEDED something to get me through the afternoon. I also bought a bag of Raisinets and a WWII Holocaust novel called Too Many Men. I'll let you know if it's any good. (The Raisinets were great!!)

Sex and the City: Last summer I learned that watching Sex and the City can be helpful if you're trying to do laundry. Because an episode of SATC lasts about the same length as a load, so you can watch an episode, hike down the four flights to the basement, flip the laundry, hike back up, and watch another one. I intend to use this method to do some housework this weekend, as I have a seminar tomorrow (at 9 am on Saturday!) (If I'm not going to work, can't it start at 10??). So tonight I'll finish my General Tso's chicken, watch some SATC, do some laundry, do some housework...and then tomorrow I think I'll finally go to Home Depot and get a check your water kit. The water from my kitchen sink has been bugging me for months, so I don't use that for drinking--it comes out strange colors, or with suds. The water in the bathroom seems fine, compared visually side by side. Then after I test the water (partially so I can report to my landlord what's in the water) I'll get a PUR faucet filter. Why PUR? Because they are supporting clean water for kids in Africa. Okay, I couldn't find the exact link, but here's an article that talks about it, sort of.

Off to refill my water glass...


weirdbunny said...

I have a 30 min wash on my machine which is great for putting a load of clothes in, having a cuppa, watching neighbours then getting it back out again. Isn't it weird how it makes you feel so productive when everything slots so nicely into place like that.

Caro said...

Girl scout cookies are evil!

Sandy Stover said...

sounds like you have a good evening planned! general tso's, girl scout cookies, SatC and a good book too (or are you putting the book down for the city girls?)

Sarah Louise said...

Just finished the book. I didn't cry, but I teared up. It was lovely. I have a Corona in the fridge, so I think I might try for one load of laundry and one episode of SATC.

I mostly can't believe I made it through almost a full day of work!

Iamthebookworm said...

I have a PUR filter on my faucet and it works pretty well. I have well water and it has a lot of iron content in it (even with the water softener). The PUR makes it a little more drinkable.

KitchenKiki said...

I want Girl Scout Cookies NOW!

NPR had a hysterical commentary on them & how it is ok to indulge. It was done by Marc Acito, called Finding Binge Absolution in a Do-Si-Do Take a listen.

off to work (YUK! way too early)

Sarah Louise said...

IATBW: Good to know.

KK: Do you like Samoas? Cuz I truly will mail you one of my boxes if it means I don't have to eat it.


mjd said...

Hello, I am blogging hopping this Saturday morning, and I have found some interesting things. Love Actually on your profile movie list is a wonderful movie. I like your pink sneakers although I prefer red ones. I am interested in your open door emergent church.

Mave you visited Magic of Books, another blog written by a librarian?

KitchenKiki said...

I live for samoas!
I don't live for insane wardrobe mistresses!
happy saturday

Sarah Louise said...

mjd: welcome, and I'll check out that magic blog.

kk: consider it mailed (well, on Monday.)


KitchenKiki said...


Sarah Louise said...

kk: I've been told that once or twice. You rock too.