Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sarah Louise starts a new blog!! About getting healthy!!

subtitle: Do you want some whine and cheese with that??? (Because I'm not doing labels until I get a chance to clean up the ones I have...)

Okay, enough is enough.

I'm getting healthy if it kills me (wait--there's something wrong with that statement, anyways...)

So I've started a new blog (yes, more writing!!) about getting healthy.

It will feature all sorts of things but mostly stuff on getting healthy.

Do you sense a theme? Something about health, maybe??

I don't somehow think this is what my therapist meant when she said try journaling. But I might try that too.

And I'm sure getting healthy has a lot to do with doing things like dancing to the Ellen show, so excuse me while I watch my favorite show...

(I think I lost all my male readers awhile ago. So here's the scoop. I had a 24 day cycle--usually it's like 30 or is officially Day One or Day Two and all that extra bloggy energy earlier this week was my body saying PAY ATTENTION which I didn't, so I now have a cold.)

I'm going in to work definately from 5 to 8:30. (I usually work 1-9 on Thursday, we'll see where we are at noon.)

Oh yes, and no progress has been made on Station #5. Well, a little bit. Oh, and I have no Easter plans beyond church, because stupidly I decided I wanted to be in the Burgh for what I consider the most imortant holy I'm trying to get something together, because, hello, I'm staying in da Burgh to hang with my church and if I have to host the thing and cook the ham, we're celebrating!!

So go visit my new blog...

Yes, self-publishing has gone to new lengths...

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weirdbunny said...

Well my Easter plans have already started. Yip I ate one of the Easter eggs I had bought and was hiding away from the kids. Well my belly seemed a better place to hide it than the cupboard after all !