Monday, March 12, 2007

Go, knowing right to the marrow of your bones, that you are loved and are cherished...

(a speaker at Blackbird's church)

YES! This is what we need to be telling each other.

That, and "Forgive me for only loving you a little bit." And "I forgive you for only loving me a little bit."

Tim Keel (see yesterday) was big into this concept. We are Beloved, and if we have this identity, we are not needing each other to be God for each other, because, well, God is God. So people are just people, and well, have you met us? We are crass, loud, quiet, into our own stuff, inconsistent, broken, lonely, and downright mean. We don't necessarily want to be, but we are. See 2 Cor 4:7: But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.

Am re-reading In her Shoes, and you might know that I read fast and miss things? I missed entire chapters!! (or so it would seem.) More thoughts on this later. (The book, not my reading speed.) This book is actually informing me in terms of this whole Beloved thing. I love it when life does this. I'll be watching the movie again soon.

Well, c'mon, you got to expect I'd be all over something that's about shoes, I mean, the blog IS Pink Sneakers N'at.


Eileen said...

Months - the drop down menu was an option in the layout part of blogger (the new one). I don't remember exactly where, but I like it... :o) Anywho, it was good to see you yesterday!!! I'm sad I can't make it to the OD Women's gathering (ahem, par-tay!), I'll be visiting friends in Jersey! :o)

paula said...

Is Good in Bed Jen Weiner?

I think so and enjoyed that one quite a bit. I think I read another one but I can never remember, I have to keep a list in my purse of the authors I like so I can refer to it at the library and bookstore.

Sarah Louise said...

Yes, Jen Weiner wrote Good In Bed, In Her Shoes, Goodnight Nobody, Little Earthquakes, and a short story collection (which I have out from the libe but haven't read yet.)

She is a real comfy favorite writer.

I mean to keep lists, but I rarely do...I suppose part of it is that I'm always AT the library.