Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days...Wednesday, Thursday, Happy Days...

Well, it's Monday at least. On the docket today:

  • Mail my "swap" to Artsy-Mama
  • go to the Chiropractor, make sure I change my appt next week to Wednesday, as the parents are coming for a visit.
  • go to the Therapist, change my appt to another day (I don't know what other days she works) as my parents are coming for a visit.
  • clean my apartment like a crazy woman (see above.) Thankfully they can't stay with me, my garret is too small. (Maybe that's why I haven't bought a house yet!!)
  • Other things, I'm pay the bills...wash the dishes...
  • I'm contemplating taking all my laundry to a laundromat, since to do it all in ze basement well, there's only ONE washer and ONE dryer. I'm thinking I could maximize my time if I had even just THREE of each. (reason: see above)
Yes, your blogger is a 35 y.o. woman who doesn't do much when her dad comes to town, but when mama shows up, watch out.

And very important,

  • Do some bloggy PR for my cuz Kiki, who has been blogging for a coupla weeks. She is funny!! She lives on the other side of PA, like five hours away, so I never ever see her except at weddings and funerals, but I luff her. And she's a fab blogger. So the rest of this post is an infomercial on "Why you should visit my Kuz Kiki's Blog."

  • She's my cuz. Nuff said.
  • She is really funny. In her last post, she transcribed some conversations she had with "Hubby-Poo" and I was giggling.
  • She cooks, y'all. She'd be willing to put up recipes (she might have already, says the woman who uses her stove top as a countertop).
  • She gardens. She's planting mint for mojitos as we speak (well, it's early in the morning, but she will be.)
  • She's a conscientious commenter. Truly. She understands the nuances of the blogversation and often comes backs and comments on comments (I love that about her!)
  • She's my cuz. So go...cuz I said so!!


KitchenKiki said...

Oh No! The pressure that someone else may actually read my blog. I guess I have to start putting some thought into it...

Say hi to the folks for me.

And my laundry advice: Indulge in fluff-n-fold! Take the whole mess, drop it off somewhere on your way to work and pick it up on your way home. It was my -only- biggest vice while apartment living.

Sarah Louise said...

Hon, if I didn't think you were ready, I wouldn't have thrust you into the bloggy-sphere. You got game!

yer cuz, SL

yeah, I think fluff-n-fold is what I'm gonna do. Yikes!!

Amy A. said...

I'd like an extra washer and dryer in my home.

Computer still down, I'm at the library borrowing their internet. I'll be back to catch up on you later.

Have a fun visit with your family.