Thursday, March 22, 2007

(Wo)Man makes plans. God laughs...

Firstly, thanks to all who stopped by to visit my branch of the Artsy Mama Spring Fling Tea Part-ay!! We did have fun, didn't we?

Secondly, I was planning to post this evening, it's percolating in my brain, about why I re-read and why I'm on my third in a row of In Her Shoes. But this is how today went: I put together (with North Hills Sally) a shelf unit, took apart the desk that lived where the unit now lives, took it downstairs, got rid of another shelf she'd been badgering me to dump, and that was BEFORE my 7 hour day, in which the first two hours were in a meeting on long range planning. GAH!!

So I've read your blogs, and commented and now, I must curl up on the sofa and sleep. Because the bed...well, is indisposed. (It holds everything that was on the desk we got rid of.) (Because we didn't have time to put stuff onto the unit we built.)

More later...I think my shoulders hurting might have to do with taking parts of the desk down to the foyer.

It's not April yet, but it rained today, and it is Spring, officially, in the Northern Hemisphere (sorry Oz, but you had summer while we were shoveling snow, so I have little sympath...) so it's time for my favorite joke from first grade:

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

Wait for it.....


I know, cheeseball, but it still makes me giggle even so many years later. And you can still be my friend if you don't think it's funny. (Just don't tell me.)


Newlywife said...

Thanks for the advice on the blog...any recommendations on reading would be good, no, great!

So know any good nursery rhyme books?

KitchenKiki said...

I can't believe you put that joke in. Your father would be so proud!

Amy said...

Rain here, too. Love the warmer temps, but need it to stop raining to enjoy them.

Living with a fifth grader, I've known that joke for far too long!! Love that it still makes you chuckle!

Sarah Louise said...

NW: see the last question to my meme (above)

KK: Well, yeah. But it's not one I learned from him.

A: rain rain go away, already!!