Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mount Washmore might be my Waterloo...

[Written Friday, posted Saturday.] The title is half stolen from Poppy.

So earlier this week I talked about all the laundry and Kiki urged me to just say "Fluff and Fold" and send it out already. Which is all fine and dandy, but I'm still working on it.

What can I say? The thought of having to drag that much laundry at one time down the three flights of walk up in the house, then to the car...then into the "Fluff and Fold"... let's just say, it's not happening THIS week. So, instead (yeah, this is always the best solution) I'll be putting said "Mount" into one of my two closets for the parental visit. Somebody stop the madness!!

The problem is that I have too many clothes. I need to get rid of some of the clothes. But I can't won't take them to Goodwill dirty, and it makes more sense to sort them once they're clean.

A clothing swap might be fun...but I've already said yes to a Jewelery party at the end of April, and then there's the question of Easter...and hello, SWAP would mean you know, getting something. Which I don't need any more clothes!!!

It's time for...lunch, or a meal that happens the time of day that I post this (I want the meme to be top dog for awhile, so I'll put this in drafts for a bit.) But I wrote this Friday before lunch, in case you really needed to know all the little details of my day.

For lunch: leftover Pizza!! YAY!!



Badger said...

It doesn't have to be an actual swap, though. When I was overrun with outgrown kid clothes, I called some friends who had kids younger than mine and said, "I'll make the martinis. You take the clothes."

It was fun!

Good luck with the parental visit! They love you even if your apartment is full of dirty clothes! Ask me how I know!

KitchenKiki said...

I know, go through. figure out what you don't want. Drop it off at fluff and fold on other side of town. don't pick it up. ever.

good luck!

My float said...

I'm like you - can't donate clothes unless they're washed and ironed. Which explains the pile in a bag sitting in my bedroom at this very minute!!

Sarah Louise said...

B: Thanks for the reminder. I forget about parental love sometimes.

K: But then I'd never be able to use that F&F again!!

M: Wow! a visit from Oz! Why is it that we are so concientious and it clogs us so?