Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gone shopping...

Because, dear internets, I haven't been to places that sell toilet paper and plastic cups almost every day, looking for things like Afrin, or Robitussin.

Yesterday: Walgreens.

Day before: Giant Eagle.

Day before that: Whole Foods (well, they might not sell plastic cups...)

All the days before that: rinse, repeat.

So how is it that I am out of toilet paper????

It's raining here today. Actually, it started last night. Whoosh, right before I was going to take a steam shower to try to clear my sinuses, lightening, thunder!! Yes, I took a shower in the middle of an electrical storm. Don't tell my mama.

And it has not stopped. I had dreams about work (never a good sign) that the ceiling was leaking. Never mind that we're on the first floor, so in order for the ceiling leak to be rain related, the second floor would have to be flooded completely...and I had a strong discussion with a teen who was trying to clean off the highly fingerprinted screen of one of the computers. No! We use special cloths to clean the screens!! It has to do with static electricity!!

Talking to my father last night, I said, it was rainy today. (Oh, so I guess it was rainy yesterday. Whoops! Okay, so the rain started early on Wednesday, but late on Wednesday, it got violent and stormish.) He said, well, maybe it will rain tomorrow here. Yes, internets, my father and I discuss the movement of weather from west to east. They don't need Al Roker or the Smuckers guy, just dear old Sarah Louise. What's the Burghian weather? Well, maybe that's what we'll get tomorrow.

Okay, I must go shopping. For two very important items. And I think the fact that I slept from 11:30 pm to 9 am and have now emailed/blogged for an hour means that I'll just go into work at 1 pm, like normal. Which means I'll probably miss BJ & Kat's talk on "We went to England!" Drat. Of course, I haven't worked a seven hour day in almost a month (or so it seems), so why start now??

Badger, I hope there was at least a little something in there that made you smile. I'm sure it WASN'T the fact that I'm getting more sleep than you. Honest, I would mail you some of my sleep if that was possible.


Amy said...

I used to live 3 hours west of my hometown and my dad would call me and ask what the weather was doing so he knew if they should plan outdoor activities or indoor. Seriously. We had that same weather gig going. Now my sis in Michigan tries to tell me what's coming our way, but it doesn't really come across like that.

YOU, however, could probably tell me exactly what's coming my direction!! (Yep, we had rain last night, too. I was out at 3am with the pooch. Don't ask.) Today, so far, sprinkles, but so nice and warm!!

Go to the market. Get toilet paper, and something special. Maybe a tulip. Or perhaps a cereal you love but haven't had in awhile. Do something wonderful today!!

P.S. feel better!!

Sarah Louise said...

It's still raining here. And my pink umbrella is MIA. (It's here, somewhere...)

The nice thing I got at the store: Bob Evans sausage sandwiches. I'll watch my cholesterol when I'm done with this sinus infection, thank you very much!

You could have easily filmed a sit com segment of SL going to Giant Eagle:

scene one: the ponytail holder gets stuck in the seatbelt!

scene two: watch SL dodge traffic, squeezing the yellow's, trying to not get hit by the parallel parking Cadillac.

scene three: SL realizes she should have gotten a cart.

But I'm home now, and I've finished my Bob Evans sandwich, so I guess I better make tea or steam my bathroom up...

Badger said...

Dude! Thank you!

I will take a couple of sleepless nights over a month of sinus yuck any day. Feel better soon!

I'm home from my errands, eating sushi for lunch, and the kids aren't due back for hours so I'm off for a nap!

Eileen said...

uh yeah I am not liking this snow now... I'd much rather have rain.

Oh and *I* call my parents for the weather report (they're in Chicago)... and yep - 8 hours later, we get whatever they got! It's great... :o) Except they might be moving to CO - so I won't be able to do that anymore... maybe then I'll just move to CO too... :o)

Funny... the word verification ends with "soab"... ("son of a...")

and why doesn't blogger ever "remember" me? I have to sign in every freakin' time...

KitchenKiki said...

Gee, going to the grocery store. You know how I love that!

I should get my weather reports from you, but it doesn't always work. We did get the rain, first wave hit around 1:30 am, while I was loading a truck (which I think I'm too old to do) I noticed that the truck has a drip too. Not good for painted scenery.

It is now really cold & damp. I think I will eat a Samoa (thank you again!) and go to bed.

nutmeg said...

Sorry to read of your continued illness. I know the pain of a blocked sinus. I've had a few attacks lately - either dust because it's been so dry or some flowering plant. Yes. Get into a hot steamy shower and soak, soak, soak!

weirdbunny said...

The weather is bright and warm her today, totally spring weather. However we are forcast for snow next week !! Better get the sledge ready .. love JULIA X