Thursday, March 16, 2006

Getting to know you...

(standard song)

Part of why I have this blog is to get me to write daily. The other part is to be a part of this huge community on the Internet. So I have to say I'm a little flummoxed when I write a post called "Kill the idea of the lone writer" and say how lonely it can be at the top, or wherever, and NO ONE LEAVES A COMMENT. (Um, you might see there is one, but if you go to read it, you'll see that I left it.)

I had the flu all last week. This meant I did not go to my writing class, my job, a home group that I just got invited to join (it was to be my first time going!), and I left church early. So isolation was a real thing last week. Luckily, I chose to write about things people comment on (costume historical movies, and of course, I showed and told about my eyes.

I'm back at stuff this week, but I'm about to go off to Boston (which the second week will be with Susan, Hallelujah) but the first week I'll be going to seminars with people I've never met. I'll be sharing a room with a woman I talk to once a month (another great librarian, but still, a near stranger to me.)

So if there was ever a time when I needed comments, it's this week. I'm almost ready to NOT show you my butter dish because frankly, (no offense, Blackbird) it says nothing about me except that I don't have issues with Rubbermaid. I do not have cute children. I do not have recipes. I just have me, a lone writer in this lovely (yet messy) garret. I do not read as much as Babelbabe. I do not take as many pictures as Blackbird or watch Survivor. I do almost always get one comment when I post a Bible verse.

So here's the thing--I want to get to know you, my readers. I want to write stuff that touches you enough that you comment on more than "cute butterdish." So what is it you want more of?

Um, and I know you're out there: these are the stats. I have a total of 4,490 visits, Average of 39 per day, 41 Today, and your average visit length is 3 minutes.


masshag said...

I feel I should comment since I read your blog. Have a nice time in Boston. We had snow flurries here yesterday and it has been windy. We go from one extreme to the next so be prepared.

Joke said...




julia said...

Ooh, have fun in Boston! The weather here may actually be bearable in a couple of weeks. Maybe. Bring a heavy coat just in case. And shorts. Just in case.

blackbird said...

um, I *think* you know that I am here every day -
and *most* of the time I do comment (actually, I do NOT comment on bible quote days, so I guess it's nice that others do...)
I am sorry that you are feeling isolated -
I had a pretty awful day yesterday and spent a little time wallowing in it...
I haven't a clue what I want more of.
I have always just enjoyed reading the snapshot of YOU.

--erica said...

I had that butterdish once..part of it melted in the dishwasher and then it wouldn't fit together.

As far as commenting. I always WANT to comment even when I don't. :)

and what is it bad days lately? Why do they all come in the form of WEEKS?

Sarah Louise said...

Oh, thank you Blackbird. That is what I needed to hear. I'm in one of those "walking on broken glass" places right now and just needing encouragement. I loved your comment on Gina's Zoloft post where you just said "I'm just going to stand over here."

Angie said...

I do not comment on every blog I read. Since I have a baby that is 1 month old, a daughter 8 yrs old, a stepdaughter 10 yrs old and a daughter 18 yrs old, plus one husband, a dog and a cat and a house and small farm to run, and several other commitments I often only have time to for a quick read through. I do try to comment on days when I participate in a meme. It seems rude not too.

And your butterdish is perfectly fine. I like it. Seems it would keep strong refrigerator smells out of your lovely butter.

Badger said...

Cute butterdish!

Oops, sorry, I'll come in again.

Ahem. Be advised that one of the downsides to being part of an online community is that we tend to pass germs around. I don't care whether that makes sense; it HAPPENS. I don't think it's any coincidence that you, my blogging pal Heidi and I all had the flu last week, is what I'm saying. If Joke or Blackbird get sick, I end up with it too.

It's a jungle out there! Bring your antibiotics!

Cee said...

Sorry you have been sick and have felt isolated. I have been there, I feel isolated a lot.

Nice butter dish, btw.

jess said...

It's always the oddest things that seem to get comments...I find, though, that when I read a really moving or thoughtful post (moving? thoughtful? where is my vocabulary?) I don't have anything to say in response. Any comment seems a bit trite, you know?

Anyway, shall I pretend to be shocked at your plastic butterdish? That might have to be part of my next confession post...

BabelBabe said...

and sometimes blogger takes forever, or the baby is wailing, or the boss walks up behind me : )
i know you're not on top of your game right now, but sometimes you just need to take it on faith that we're out here. also,you can't try to morph yourself just to get more comments. we obviously enjoy who you are or we wouldn't read. What are we, chopped liver? : )

btw, It's a fine butter dish.

My butter dish won't be up till later.

catsteevens said...

badger ~ That is very interesting (about the germs) considering I was sick about 3 week ago. Hmmm.

Pink sneaks ~ I will do my best to comment, but I'm new around here so I can't say I never comment....'cause I just started :)

I've had my blog for almost 2½ years, always wanting comments and feedback. But now I just write, sometimes for me and sometimes for the lone reader.

Mary said...

Hi Sarah Louise. Oh I empathise with this. This is my first visit to your blog following your kind words on mine ... and I'm so glad you commented because I wouldn't have found you otherwise.

I would like to think that I write for myself and am indifferent to the number of comments I get, but that wouldn't be true - and it's my experience that particularly if I'm unwell (as you are at the moment) or low, then any perceived lack of response can really be a bit of a downer.

I like what I've read here so far and I'll be back to read some more please don't be discouraged :-)

wilsonian said...

I'm sorry that its weighing heavy this week.

I most want to read what you most want to write.

Have a lovely time in Boston. Bring packs of hot chocolate for your hotel room in case there's a kettle. Nothing like a little hot chocolate before bed when nothing feel familiar.

Joke said...


When you're in Boston, you simply MUST stop at the Clear Flour Bakery and get whatever they just pulled out of the oven.

And get me a copy of the latest Improper Bostonian.



Sarah Louise said...

Improper Boston? And that would be...and I would find it where?

Joke said...

Improper Bostonian is the free newspaper in Boston. It has all the cool restaurant reviews, Things To Do, etc.

And it's FREE!


Sarah Louise said...

So, list Friday is up (except that Blogger isn't letting me publish it and I'm too tired to email support but not too tired to comment...)

Jeanne said...

I came via Show and Tell.

Sometimes posts like this make my mind so full of things to say that I need the time to organize them, but I know that if I take that time I would be sitting here all morning! So I end up not commenting, because I would rather say something thoughtful and considered than start babbling or cop out with "I feel that way too!"

Sarah Louise said...

But I think half the fun is just being able to say "I feel that way too!" because I don't see blogging necessarily as intellectual but as connective. When I started blogging, I always felt bad if a post didn't have any comments and I always felt compelled to comment on something. Intelligent conversation is over-rated. I'm living by the famous E.M Forster quote "Only Connect."

Kelly said...

Sorry for a late joining of the party! I've had a hard week too (illness, endless grading, etc.)

I hope you are feeling better. Your spring post expresses just what I feel. Onward, spring!

Sarah Louise said...


Oh I love your new "avatar!" It expresses spring beautifully...


LoriLaurieLauri said...

Just linked over here from Blackbird's blog...wondering who wanted to see my windows. lol!

First, I should say I have SEVERAL pair of pink shoes! ;)

Your butter dish reminds me of my mom's ancient Tupperware one.

I have never in my life watched 'Survivor'. Maybe we should start an 'Anti-Survivor' blog or club or something! lol!

Enjoy your trip to Baasten. Never been there myself...send me a postcard!

alyssa said...

Just wanting to "up your total" so to speak. :) Have a great time in Boston!!