Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Round Trip...

Ann Jonas has a children's picture book called Round Trip, which is a graphic treat. You read it all the way through, a trip to some place, during the day, and then you flip the book over and it's the ride home, at night.

I sometimes feel like my walk is like that. Even though I only go out for 15-30-60 minutes, and my route is out and back on the same sidewalks, the landscape hits me differently whether I'm going out or coming back.

I have discovered more spiderwebs and today saw three bikers--one was a man who just was toodling around for fun--the other two were "serious" in their uniforms and helmets. I also attempted to take photos of some spider webs--but I think I need to go earlier in the morning or on foggy wet mornings to get the full effect. (The sun does not bode well for catching the thin webs.)

I am just grooving on my digi camera--instant gratification!! Although my camera is not good at nature close-ups: zooming in on spiders or white fuzzy caterpillars, I feel like just taking the pictures is a rough art form--and it forces me to pay attention, which is drawing me closer to God, as I am awestruck by His creation. I am grateful for the park--I am such a city girl and am so grateful to return to my residential street after spending time out, looking at spiders and such, but I am enjoying my nature walks more and more, and my eyes are becoming keener to details.

Maybe I'll post some of my rough pictures...I wonder if Blackbird is going to reinstate Show and Tell anytime soon?


Oh, and I saw Little Miss Sunshine--Do not stop go, do not collect your $200, GO SEE IT! It puts the FUN back in dysfunctional. I laughed, I almost cried, it was better than Cats (but don't tell Sis!!)


Suse said...

A complete spider's web, glistening with dew or raindrops, is a sad and beautiful thing.

Badger said...

I loved Little Miss Sunshine, but to me that family wasn't dysfunctional. Just on the quirky side of normal. I'm not sure what that says about my own family, but there you go.

I loved what you had to say yesterday, or the day before, or whenever that was, about the spider webs.

MsCellania said...

SL, your camera may have a special setting for close-ups. K keeps insisting ours does, but I don't know where it is. As is evident from any of my attempted close ups.
We have big fat spiders here called crab spiders that weave incredible webs. There are some in the play structure that the boys are watching. These are huge spiders, but stay put in their webs. The boys have learned not to be afraid of them. We saw the baby spiders hatching! It was incredible - they fly like trapeze artists by the dozens gracefully to the ground.

Sarah Louise said...

Badg, yes, quirky on the side of normal is a good way to describe it. But "we put the fun in dysfunctional" is one of my favorite lines from "Just Shoot Me," that show with David Spade.

I continue to watch spider webs. You'd think I'd be checking out books (duh, a librarian...) but this week is CRA-ZEE!!

PJ said...

I like to watch the big black and yellow spider on my tomato plant. I found out they eat their web every night and make a new one.

Katy said...

I loved Little Miss Sunshine too. Just had to chime in with that.

Does your camera have a MACRO setting? The button would have a picture of a flower on it. That will help with closeups

Sarah Louise said...

I am allergic to manuals, but there is tulip thing which helps somewhat with closeups...I'll read the manual...someday.

For now it's almost more important just taking the pictures--it helps me to look at nature more closely. The pictures are more for me and I enjoy fiddling around with them.