Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The conversations we have in Tech Services...

My co-worker and I sometimes have the most bizarre conversations, such as...

Me: Shoot, I just priced this donated video at $1,200 instead of $12.99!

Me: Blue's Clues, let's see, the cutter is B62--oh look this is with the old Steve. I like him better than the new guy.

Her: Yeah, this afternoon before I picked up my 6 year old from the busstop my four year old and I were watching Blue's Clues and Steve was on and I kept looking at him, thinking, he doesn't look like the type to abuse drugs...I kept looking at his eyes, wondering if he was using drugs then, on the show...


So I googled and came up with this, which clears Steve's name: he went into music! His band, get this, is called the Flaming Lips. A far cry from "What's New, Blue?"

We were both very relieved. Ah, the power of the information. Thanks, Google!


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Very funny - a bit like watching old Peewee Herman movies and thinking WHY are they letting him so close to the children?!

We've never watched Blue's Clues here in the House of the Ladies Lounge, because we get the wrong brand of cable TV and have to endure disney rather than nickelodeon. I see we've been missing out on rather more than we thought! A bit like hearing that Murray Wiggle snorts coke before becoming the doctor part in "Five Little Joeys Jumping on the Bed" ... wait, now it sounds as if I'm the one snorting coke doesn't it?

(murray is a Very Nice Man and the song title? it's real)

So glad you were able to spread the news of Steve's good reputation.

Amy A. said...

Thanks! I always wondered what happened to Steve. The kids told me he went away to college. I guess that rumor is better than the other ones!

Carolyn said...

I liked Steve better than Joe too.

I didn't like that Joe sang different songs either.

Now I sound like a toddler. Sigh.