Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oh yeah, you blend.

(Mona Lisa Vito, as played by Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny)

There are a few movies that I can always count on for a laugh. My Cousin Vinny is definately one of them.

We've started our latest Beth Moore study. This one is on The Patriarchs. In the introductory video session, Beth said, "easy lives don't make great stories."

One of the best things I've read about writing is the following: "get your character up a tree, throw rocks at him, then get him down out of the tree." My Cousin Vinny is just like that. Every night Lisa and Vinny can't sleep because of the noise in the hotel. Every day Vinny makes a mistake in court and gets sent to jail for contempt of court. I mean, what kind of movie would it be if Vinny had won many murder cases prior to this one? The humor is in the fact that he keeps screwing up.

Anyways, I'm just jawing here. I gotta get ready for work.


Carolyn said...

I haven't seen My Cousin Vinny, but you haven't seen Flashdance, so I guess we're even. LOL

Sarah Louise said...

I have plans SOON to see Flashdance. (Although I've been saying that for years...)

MsCellania said...

I LOVE My Counsin Vinny. That scene in the courthouse, when he shows up with that tux - it's making me laugh just thinking about it!