Thursday, September 14, 2006

What a friend we have in Jesus...

I ache. I know I often am a wide open book on this blog and sometimes I think too much so.

So today I'll be mysterious, enigmatic...ha!

I am a woman who loves her friends, and right now I have at least three friends with broken or breaking hearts. And it breaks my heart. Why must we all at one time have boring jobs, or bosses we fear, or general and specific people in our lives that break our hearts into shreds?

On my walk, I just walked and cried and sang. It was all I could do. Somehow I must have thought the walk would magically make everything all better.

It didn't.

So I sat in the car for a bit, as I am listening to Adriana Trigiani’s book, Milk Glass Moon. It's the third book (there should be a name for the third book in a trilogy) in the Big Stone Gap trilogy. I just finished listening to the second book, Big Cherry Holler. (Is it still called a sequel if it's the second book in a trilogy?) I am re-reading the first book, Big Stone Gap. Ave Maria, the protagonist, is wonderful. I read Big Stone Gap years ago, when I was reading all the chick lit I could muster as I was thinking to start a web-bookstore featuring Chick Lit. Re-reading it now, as I flutter the calendar pages til my 35th birthday, my heart is pierced. Ave Maria, in the first book, at 35 has defined herself as the town spinster. Then someone familiar comes around the corner and sweeps her away.

So the first book is: frozen heart, wakes up to love. The second book: married now, frozen heart, wakes up to love. The third book: you guessed it. Why do we have to keep learning that lesson over and over again? I guess I'll be learning it until the day I die.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody. May someone break your frozen heart today, too.


Amy said...

I loved that trilogy, read it earlier this year. And I think we all have lessons to learn in life and some of them are learned through heartbreak. The good news is that God put you into your friends' lives so that He can help them through you. Without pain, would we truly appreciate joy?

BabelBabe said...

as far as I can tell, there is no specific term for the third book in a trilogy. But I will keep searching. Because i am like that. If anyone would know, Badger would....

Sarah Louise said...

Badger? Any ideas?

and it's a red letter day when Babs comments!!

Woo hoo!

Carolyn said...

Oh goody, more book reccomendations.

I read one Babelbabe reccomended and loved it.

wilsonian said...

Ah, well as someone who seems to have been issued a one-way ticked to spinster-hood, I may have to take a pass on those books. For a while anyway.

And I adore that picture. What a cutie face!!