Sunday, September 03, 2006

On finding things...

I woke up in the middle of the night, played some free cell, drew a bath (which dripped into my neighbor downstairs' bathroom--the landlord has tried to fix this a million and one times it seems...) and watched Disc One of Season One of Friends. That very first episode (Rachel coming into Central Perk, dripping wet in her wedding gown) is my favorite, but the great thing about the DVD is that the shows are uncut--so you get stuff you've never seen on TV. I still haven't figured out how to do anything on my DVD player besides play discs--at some point I'd like to be able to access the special features, but I think I have to program the remote.

Yesterday I bought three papers: the Sunday Post-Gazette, and the Saturday Post-Gazette and Tribune-Review. When something happens (like 9/11, or the death of a mayor) I like to read all about it. I haven't read them yet, but in a bit I'll go to Tazza for my tomato sandwich and I'll take something with me to read...I have less than 75 pages left in East of Eden.

I had a notebook (or rather, still have it) that is based on the Sue Bender book Plain and Simple. I couldn't find it. But a few weeks ago, it surfaced, and this morning I read through it. Inside I found the 24 year old me--wow, ten years! and lots of annotations since then.

I also found this poem, which I wrote on July 7, 1996. Yeah, that was a crazy summer, ten years ago.

Trial Size

Trial size?
Who are they kidding?
No 3 oz. bottle is going to get me
through the next "and it came to pass."


My baby brother is moving to Austin this week. I don't often think of him as my "baby brother" but this move has got me all confused--he's moving, and it's not for college, it's not to any place the Louise family has ever been...he's all growed up! (But not quite...) Traveling mercies, m'dear!


A mini-mystery: the website "I heart Pittsburgh" which has been a source of local information since I read about the Beleza coffeehouse on the North Side, has been swallowed by the web. If you click on it (under "local shoes," on the sidebar) you get some random advertising thing with a message that the domain name has expired.

So, one thing found, one thing lost.


Badger said...

But the good thing about your brother moving to Austin is that when you visit him, you can visit me too! And we can go shopping! For books and whatnot!

Sarah Louise said...

I'd like that very much.