Tuesday, September 05, 2006

On the road again...(some lists, for Blackbird)

What we saw, traveling West to East, East to West:
  • Flags at half staff for the death of Mayor Bob O'Connor. O'Connor worked for the Gov'ner for two years before he was mayor, so the Gov'nr decreed half staff flags 'til his funeral on Thursday.
  • Huge yard sales. I mean, my yard isn't even that big. We didn't stop. (I think my mother would sense I had bought something and fall over.)
  • Gas at $2.64, which is the price Sally paid. Tonight, after work in Pittsburgh, I paid $2.67.
  • For the first hour: fog and fog and more, yes, fog.
  • The Drink Milk farm, which reminded Sally of a guy she used to have a crush on, who is now happily married (as is she). We shared so many stories (what else do you do for 10 hours in the car??)

What we talked about:

  • Children, and how nice to not have them along on our GIRL TIME outing. They're maybe thinking about a girl if they try again. I talked about how I'm not sure I want to get pregnant--not sure I'd want to be off my meds for 9 mos and the chance of passing the bipolar on to my children...I would be totally fine with adopting, I think (and as a woman, I have the total ability to change my opinion at will!)
  • Husbands (well, hers--how marriage isn't easy, and she's changing and that's changing their marriage.)
  • Memories. Sally and I have been friends since 1994. There are so many memories...
  • Friendship, and how it is this beautiful fragile thing. We agreed that each other was so less high maintenance than when we were likethis ten years ago, selling Mary Kay.
  • God. Which is something important to the very heart of us but not something we've discussed for a long time (it's not the sort of thing you talk about when one of you has children a foot on one end of the phone call.)

We pretty much talked non-stop, except for the obligatory rest stops along the turnpike. It is so good to have a friend. I am so incredibly blessed in all of my friends, and yesterday was just gravy. Icing on the cake. It was girl time, and I needed it so badly.

Today: Sally II (who lives near my library) stopped by: she had gotten me a "Happy September gift," which was a homemade card and two t-shirts good for a Children's librarian: one has the pink panther on it and the other has one fish two fish red fish blue fish...I'll post pictures soon.

Here's a memory: in February 2001, I was so excited to be visiting Pittsburgh for the baby shower. I was leaving Friday after work. Friday, at work, I get a call from my dad: Charlie just called, they had the baby. (Yes, early, a premie.) I was so bummed! No shower? (Working retail, I have been to maybe one baby shower and two wedding showers my entire girl lifetime.) But it was very cool to visit Sally at the hospital and hold Zack in the neo-natal unit. I got to see him when he was two days old!! I drive by "his hospital" sometimes on the way to work.



Carolyn said...

Hooray for a friend's day out.

Sarah Louise said...

It was so fun to be on the road and not responsible for the driving!!

Lazy cow said...

Glad you had such a good time. Good girlfriends are like gold.