Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's too late, baby...

(Carole King)

Um, this made me howl hysterically. Well, at least chuckle. Someone has written a wiki-How article on "How to dissuade yourself from becoming a Blogger." It's priceless, it really is. But it's too late. I'm hooked on writing my words and self-publishing them on the Web for free.

How did I find this gem? My gmail homepage! It is very cool. Every time I hook up to the 'net at home, I get all sorts of quotes and fun things including the temperature in Pittsburgh!

Yes, with brilliant verbiage like "very" and "cool" and "temperature in Pittsburgh" you too could start your own blog!


MsCellania said...

Blogging is therapy.
And that is enough to make it worthwhile.

Sarah Louise said...

You betcha. It's also a very "librarian" hobby to have.