Thursday, April 27, 2006

List Friday: 10 alternate career choices for Sarah Louise

Ten Jobs I’d love to have (in no particular order...) (the links are for the locales I'd apply to...)

  1. Video store clerk (you get to be with all the cool movies) I'd love to work at a cool video store that had all the old classics, the ones I've had to order off Amazon 'coz no video store stocks them, like Metropolitan...
  2. Movie theatre person (I hear you get to see movies for free). I pay good money to see movies on the big screen, multiple times. It's a thing I why not get paid while doing it?
  3. Own a children’s or used bookstore (Just like in You’ve Got Mail, without the Fox Books shuffle) As a child, I visited Cricket Books outside Olney, MD almost every Saturday.
  4. Have a talk show (I’d model it on Ellen!) I mean, I'd get to interview Robin Williams, hug that guy that sings "You've Had a Bad Day" (I did, ::sob::)
  5. Craftsperson/Artist (I’d have a studio…and exhibit things in galleries...) I love making things out of paper, cloth, using scissors, glue, buttons, ink...
  6. Radio DJ on WYEP, "where the music matters." This radio station is one of the best parts of living in da Burgh. When I was in college they played acoustic/folk music for four hour stretches (less now, but they've stayed solvent, so I forgive them.)
  7. Advertising Executive (They seem to have fun in the movies: Picture Perfect, What Women Want) In high school, one of my favorite things was making posters for our literary magazine's quarterly croissant sales. I also wrote the announcements read over the PA system.
  8. Magazine Staffer/Editor (I have always wanted my own magazine—one of the reasons I like blogging, I’m sure) Sassy was the magazine du jour when we were in high school, and *I* was the one to first discover and then subscribe to it. It had a few good years and then went bad and then died. Alas...
  9. Folk singer (Christine Lavin, eat your heart out!) I would love to be one of the Chenille Sisters, actually. They seem to have so much fun!
  10. Interior Designer (I’d be the next Alexandra Stoddard!) I may have a messy apartment, but it has a quirky flair all my own. Floral things abound. Silk flowers, tastefully placed.
List Friday, courtesy of Pomegranates and Paper.


BabelBabe said... how are we both librarians? it might be the oNLY career we'd have in commmon...

MsCellania said...

I. Love. This. List.

To have tear-free onion slicing, wear ski goggles. I am not kidding.

Now, back to your list. This may take a few hours to click on all the tasty links.

Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Joke said...


LOVE that film.

Guess which actor would play me in my biopic?