Sunday, April 23, 2006

Free association...

  1. Rising :: sun
  2. Third :: son
  3. Disruptive :: children
  4. Surround :: sound
  5. Distant :: voices
  6. Suction :: cup
  7. Fried :: chicken
  8. Nuggets :: gold?
  9. Clip :: hair
  10. San Antonio :: fault

Okay, so is "distant voices" just wired in us, or are we just mimicing Kim? See what I mean, when you read Bec's.

I know it's the San Andreas Fault, and no, I do not hate children. (See #3.) Actually, yesterday (that would be Saturday, as this will be posted at a later date...) I had a wonderful boy-child ask me where the Spiderwick books were (and I was standing where they live) and I handed him a copy and he said (I quote, out of the mouths of babes) "You're good!"

It turns out he was looking for some Spiderwick books on hold. (Why do people think we put their hold books on the open shelf, in their respective alpha or Dewey homes?) I sent him on his way, not before he asked me if I had a nice Easter. Yes, I replied. So did I, said he, and off to pick up his Spiderwick tomes.

Why are all the men in my life either too young, too old, or (the age-old question) married? If he had run back and gotten on one knee, I might have said yes.

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Joke said...

Your full name isn't Sarah Louise Goldilocks, is it?



Sarah Louise said...

How did you guess?

SLG (now that you found me out...)