Friday, April 07, 2006

list friday: foods that I will not eat

Recently, I read an article (I think in the New York Times) that said that your body is so smart that if you eat vegetables you don't like, the nutrients won't be as beneficial.

That said, I need no longer eat:

  1. Okra
  2. Brussel sprouts
  3. swiss chard

Foods I don't think I could try:

  1. Frog's legs (I can't get past the....ribbit)
  2. Squid (although I may have tried it once upon a time and convieniently forgotten, thank you very much)

Foods I have eaten and not asked what it was until it was digested, hours later:

  1. Stomach. I was at a party in Warsaw, Poland, and they told me the Polish name for what it was. I purposely did not ask for the translation until hours later. It wasn't that bad. But I think had I known, I might have had issues...

Not necessarily on the foods not to be eaten but more on the whole food scenario: it is wild turkey season here in Western PA. Two turkeys stopped traffic yesterday on the way to work and today I saw a flock at the park that flanks Bigelow Blvd, just as you're coming into the city.

Commenting on other's lists:

  • I adore rhubarb pie!
  • Cottage cheese, yum!
  • Macaroons, divine...

And I'm off to lunch. I'm thinking that thing at Taco Bell that's like a wrapped up Mexican Pizza...

List Friday, sponsored by Mrs. Pom.

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Loretta said...

My office is in a very urban town that sprung up near the Hudson River. There are orchards and parks around - and lots of wild turkeys! Love to hear them gobbling them away in the morning.