Sunday, April 02, 2006

Trit Trot to Boston...

So I didn't take pictures until my last day, as I didn't want to lug the camera around. I'd been to Boston, in the early 90s, so I have those pictures. (You wanna see them? Later, after I've scanned them (but I'll have to find them first...).

This first one is of some a capella singers (men, yes, in tuxes) from Haavad. Apparently their rendition of "Danny Boy" brings tears. Unfortunately, we missed that. But the two songs we did hear were fun and good. Ack! Have I been away so long that my vocabulary has diminished to "fun" and "good" as descriptors? We'll work on that. Meanwhile, next slide...

The view from my hotel room, on a misty Saturday morning.

The salsa band at the PLA reception at the Boston Library. Still learning how to use the camera, I promise, this was the best shot. We'll just say it's artistic.

One of the librarians was light on her feet so one of the members of the band came off stage to dance with her. Again, it is an art photo. But I'm rather proud of it.

The detail on the headboard of the bed at the Radisson.

So, I'm sorry, no ducklings or monuments. No swans, no Dunkin Donuts. But believe me, I had fun in Bean town and can't wait for my next trip back. And yes, Joke, we went to the Legal Seafood on the second floor. Guess what? It now has a bar! But the service and the food were wonderful. I had rainbow trout.

Gotta go lunch!


Joke said...

Sorry you had to endure one of those Boston earthquakes, but glad you were there to record it for us!



Sarah Louise said...

I know. But I lived to tell the tale, that's the amazing part!!