Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday, Monday: or, Sarah Louise raided her Easter Basket a few days early

Chocolate does work wonders. So does rum and coke. So does falling asleep while watching "Sweet Home Alabama."

What else does wonders? Walking through North Park, listening to Caedman's Call, skipping rocks on the lake there.

And prayer. Prayer does amazing things.

And friends. Babelbabe and I met at Tazza D'oro, with the fan club of Primo. I swear, they are GROUPIES!

Oh, and guess what? I went to Marshalls, Dress Barn, and TJ Maxx. None of them had my Easter Dress. I should have just gone to Goodwill, where I got a lime green Liz Claiborne dress for 14.99. SWEET!

Today is the birthday of the Twinkie. 75 years and I've never had even one! And Katie Couric is leaving the Today show...(which is old news, but I couldn't bring myself to admit it until today.)

And Ellen, is getting wierder. Today we watched a woman who barks like a dog and the audience played humdinger (they hummed a song, Ellen had to guess).

And I'm hungry.

That is all.


--erica said...

we've been eating "peeps" for weeks around here.

I love Sweet Home Alabama.

I should be praying more.

Hurrah.. an awesome easter dress!!:)

Joke said...

At a bare minimum, prayer does amazing things. AMHIK.


blackbird said...

I light candles.
The fireplace is full of them -
it looks like a memorial in there.