Saturday, April 08, 2006

Easter, at home

Palm Sunday Worship - Sun, April 9, 6-7:30pm @ the Union Project
Stations of the Cross - Mon, April 10 thru Thur, April 13, 10am-3pm daily, @ the Union Project
Maunday Thursday Worship - Thur, April 13, 7pm @ Fourth Presbyterian (5450 Friendship Ave)
Good Friday: Stations of the Cross - Fri, April 14, 10-3pm & 6-9pm @ the Union Project
Easter Eve Worship - Sat, April 15, 9pm @ the Union Project
Open Door Resurrection Worship - Sun, April 16, 10:30am @ the Union Project
Neighborhood Easter Lunch - Sun, April 16 , 12noon @ the Union Project

A co-worker asked me yesterday if I was going home for Easter. I lied. I said, no, and did not embellish. But as you can see, I will be home for Easter, at my very place that I love the most, The Open Door at the Union Project. I won't be with my parents, but I can count on one hand the years I've been with them for Easter since I graduated from high school at seventeen. I love them, but my home is with the people I worship with, week in, week out.

Last night was wonderful. The

[pause while I call my father, get Bird instead, as they play "Sunrise, Sunset" on WJAS's Best of is the song my father and I will dance to at my wedding, when that day comes.]

First Friday at the Union Project was wonderful. Happy Hour with the Stations of the Cross--a bit of an oxymoronic paradox, but it was great. It was exhausting, as one of the presenting artists, making sure people "got" my piece, which is a bit bizarre. I won't be posting pictures until after Easter, b/c I want locals to come to the Union Project--it's a piece that is best experienced in person. I was there from 6:30 pm to about 8:45. I left when they started putting chairs up. (Today's event at the UP: Miss Black Pittsburgh rehersals.)

In a bit, I'll be going the UP, where we'll be discussing a book about Monasticism. I'm excited. Then, I'll go to work for the afternoon. Then I'll come home?? and then back to the library for the sleepover, the final piece of "National Library Week." Thankfully, I get to go home at midnight. I don't relish sleeping anywhere but my own dear bed after being gone from it for so long.

I love the play, "Fiddler on the Roof." The movie is just not right. I saw the play in Bucks County in Pennsylvania as a young girl. Sally, though we didn't meet until we were in our twenties, saw the same production, though perhaps not the same performance. I saw the play again when my sister was in the George Mason HS production, during the time I lived at home in Falls Church, VA. I have since seen the movie and it is horrible. (In comparison to the play, no offense to those who have only seen the film.)

It was wonderful, last night, showing people my station (#8, Jesus Greets the women of Jerusalem) and them "getting it." As an artist, I felt the pride of a job well done. I'll get a picture (John displayed it wonderfully) and then retreat to the comtemplation--the point of the stations is to simulate a pilgrimage. Last night was the ooh, ahh, how clever! Tomorrow begins Holy Week and the focus will be on the mesage, not the medium. But it was fun to revel in the medium, because there are so many creative folk at the OD! I got to meet Eileen, a fellow blogger, and chat with some folks I'd not seen in a while.

Off to wash hair...

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I am really looking forward to your post on the Station!!