Friday, April 14, 2006

Technical difficulties, Maunday, and List Friday

Blogger has been doing crap for about 10 minutes. Ugh.

So I'm in need of some liturgy--our OD (with Valley View and Fourth Presbyterians too) Maunday Thursday service was great, but liturgical it was NOT!!! Back in the day, Tenebrae was my favorite was like 7 readings and after each reading, more candles got blown out, until the sanctuary was dark. It was a tangible way to participate in the suffering. What we had was a celebration and food. (Which was great, but not what I needed.)

I need Jesus, is what I need--I mean, is this a consumer society or what? (My church service didn't feed me, wahh!!)

So I have lit all the candles I own, and I have my copy of Walter Wangerin's Ragman, which I'll read from after I write this blog entry and then I'll blow out the candles.

SO, LiSt Friday is top 10 Hobby supplies.

  1. Magazines (I used to do only folders with magazines and contact paper)
  2. colored paper (construction, scraps, wrapping paper...)
  3. buttons (next week I'll post a picture of the purse I made in Massachusetts)
  4. glue
  5. scissors (that should be #1--my mom tells stories of how as a child I could sit in a corner with just paper and scissors and be happy for HOURS)
  6. colored pens (I like the jelly ones)
  7. a person that is getting the craft I make (I generally make stuff for people or on occasions, not just because...) (and sometimes that person is me, but it's b/c something cool or horrible has happened.)
  8. contact paper
  9. folders, envelopes, cards...
  10. hole punch
I adore crafts!! Thanks to Mrs. Pom for the inspiration. Sorry no link, I don't trust Blogger at the moment...


alyssa said...

John says to tell you the Easter Eve service will be liturgical!

Loretta said...

Like the list - I too am awash in magazines. Can't stop buying them, whether they are house porn, art porn, or food porn.

could be worse and be the other porn!

Joke said...

I particularly like doing the whole Easter Triduum thing, starting with Tenebrae on Spy Wednesday.

Oh, and dig THIS. On Maundy Thursday, I got called up to be one of the foot wash-ees. Just happy I was wearing loafers.'s already Glorious Saturday.


BabelBabe said...

That whole foot washing thing freaks me out. I do not like feet. Nice concept behind it but....yuck.

Glad you enjoyed it though, Joke.

Sarah Louise said...

I think the foot washing thing is cool--but tell us more about Spy Wednesday? I mean, I *was* Catholic for a year, but I've never heard of Spy Wednesday!