Wednesday, May 07, 2008

morning random thoughts

My current FB status line: Sarah Louise has a full tank of gas. That won't last...and at 40 cents off per G, it still wasn't cheap. But I can't walk to work.


I have ignored my cell-alarm too many times but it's not yet eight o'clock. When I woke up and thought first of getting on the computer I thought, have I made this piece of glass and plastic my God? The thing about praying right when I wake up is that I might fall asleep. So I turned on the computer and while it woke up read Psalm 63 and Psalm 91. Which are both really great.


Yesterday Beth Moore was riding us like crazy to go out and live life. I felt like she was talking to me directly, a not so uncommon occurrence. My notes are in the car. And there goes my alarm again, to the tune of the theme to SATC.


And I walked yesterday! I never walk on Tuesdays, I'm too busy! But yesterday I did! And OMG (literally, Oh, my God, but in the way it should be said, like, Wow! God! You Rock!), I saw two, no three wild turkeys. And the last one saw me and preened for me. It puffed up huge and showed its feathers. I couldn't see them, so I just stood there, on the other side of the chain link fence. It did it again, and I still couldn't see. The third time, it turned towards me, and it was a beautiful sight. I'd seen them on TV, colored them in on Thanksgiving coloring sheets, but wow, to see one in real's not like seeing a peacock, mind you, but still amazing in its own way. I thought about the symbolism of it turning toward me after the third time. It was sort of a test between us, like I was saying to the turkey, I won't leave until you show me your feathers, a weak comparison to Jacob wrestling the angel and not letting go "until you bless me." (Genesis 32:28 and surrounding verses)


hmmm, do you see how God twice nudged me to link to Little teaser, that Holy Spirit and darn if my cell isn't telling me that it's 8:11!!


Crap! I just realized that I'm taking the early dog tomorrow!! And I haven't even started packing! I'm just la la la, what will I do tomorrow before work? Um, not going to work tomorrow...and I have to be at work in 45 minutes, so if I want a shower, I better get one.


My dad called, no time for shower, and apparently I thought I posted this but didn't.

*********So, a few random night thoughts************

Why do I procrastinate packing??? WHY WHY WHY? The process itself maybe takes an hour, if you include counting out pills. And yet I have been "packing" since I got home around 7:30pm. It's now 11:27 pm.

I'm seriously screwed up. And I can't find contact paper, a key component to my mother's day gift.

You know what this is, right? Perfectionism, which is pride...

Yeah. It's 15 minutes shy of midnight, and I am leaving the house around 6:30 tomorrow morning or so...


KitchenKiki said...

I haven't started packing either. What is the attire at the Nut?

I was thinking of making something, I don't think that is going to happen because a) I don't know what to make and b) I'd rather chew tin foil than go to the grocery store.

I also need to figure out where HP & I are going for dinner on Saturday night, on our way out of town. We want crabs!
We'll have to wait & see I guess.

AND I have to remember to bring you some suitable suits and some new apartment things for the Bird.

Geesh, I guess I better get off this thing & get movin'

I'll see ya tomarra!

Sarah Louise said...


attire at the Nut is pretty basic. I actually brought my *gasp* laundry. Which I might get started now...

see you soon!!



cuileann said...

Oh, Psalm 91 is one of my favorite thinigs in the whole Bible...