Sunday, May 11, 2008

Call your mama!

(Bear Bryant)

Excellent Mother's Day article by Tom Friedman in the NYT.

Unbelievable what you can fit in 140 characters. My latest twitter: "Call your mama" -- Bear Bryant. Great Tom Friedman article in NYT on mamas today. and it's NOT raining. GO PENS! Also, taking the late bus.

Will be getting Mom a geranium--she asked for it when I mentioned that the folder wouldn't be done and I said Dad said I should get her a plant or something. Wish I could get her a trip to Alaska with the whole fam--that's what she wanted for her 65th, but circumstances are out of our control.

Dad wants a picture of the whole fam for his 66th, something nice, like for a Christmas card. He'll probably get it.


Father's Day, after Christmas, is the biggest "retail holiday." I learned this while working at Fox Books and it's true. We fear our papas a little more, and we don't know what to get them, so we get them big glossy coffee table books about golf. Mama says "Oh, I don't need anything" so we get her flowers.

Breakfast yesterday with S., she talked about how experiences are more important than things--that going somewhere with someone lasts longer than something that gathers dust. So I hope my visit this weekend and the walks she and I have had are something she can hold onto in her mind. Because, we all know, in mama-speak, it's true: She doesn't need another thing.

I'm sitting here, holding it in, because as soon as I get up, Dad will take the reins of the computer...

one more thing. Proverbs 31 was the brainchild of a future mother-in-law. But she has a lot of good points.

Happy Mothers and Others Day. I always say Happy Mother's Day to everyone--because even if we aren't one, we have/had one.




KitchenKiki said...

Ya know, I bet my pa would be willing to do the picture taking part of your pa's birthday request.

You just need to get him in between trips.

It would give him an excuse to go eat crabs!

Sarah Louise said...

Oh that is a great idea!! Did you get to Harris? Isn't it the best?

elena jane said...

i love pink geraniums...:-)