Monday, May 19, 2008

the confusing in-between...

BJ has forever talked about this book: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. I finally put it on hold at the library. Someone else had it out, so I forgot about it, until it showed up on my desk. The writer, get this, is a pastor, in, where else? Queens! Whateve. (That's me being nonchalant...)

I'm a little over halfway through. It's a really great book. He talks about Job a lot (you know, God is mysterious, my life sucks, I don't understand, God says, I'm mysterious, get over it.)

So, since I can't find a notebook anywhere (a writer who has to search for a notebook and pen?) I'll share it with yins and you can comment!

Lessons from Job:
  1. Pay Attention
  2. Wait in the confusing in-between
  3. Embrace the Gift of Limits (there's a list in the book, but basically: accepting that you are not God, and you can't do everything you conceive of.)
  4. Climb the Ladder of Humility (this is also in the book, based on Benedict's 12 rules)
  5. Let the Old Birth the his time.

I'm clearly in Stage #2. I paid attention, I sent in the resume, and now I'm in limbo. And learning a lot in a lot of other places in my life.

For instance, I love chatting with Katy. And when I got a twit that Andrea had put something fun on her blog about Twitter, I went over, commented, and then she and I chatted for a bit. Which is fun, b/c even though I've met Andrea in person, both times were at conferences when we had no time to talk. And I'm getting past the image in my mind I had of someone else I've been twitting/FB-ing with. Playing the "getting to know you" (but not that way, just as a friend.) So go Web 2.0--I'm using it to enhance my real life!! Last night Babs and I basically IM-ed (16 short emails) and I'm handing over the cable for a digi camera I gave her eons ago--we're meeting at Tazzo!

And I am SO THRILLED that for the first time in 16 years (and my first time as a Pens fan*) the Pens are going to the Stanley Finals!! I'm gonna go get me a jersey...

And I'm outta here!!

Can I say this? I love Wikipedia!!

*I came to Pgh in 89, but left in 91, and was NOT into Hockey back then.

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