Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Insomnia...thy name is...I give up.

#87 why I don't like DVDs: if you put one in and fall asleep, you will inevitably wake up to the stupid menu music.

And someone has "requested" to follow me on Twitter. I think I know them, since they are following people I know, but I don't know who they are. (WHY do people choose bizarre nom de plums?) (Kettle? Hello, you're black.) (But at least I have my first name attached to my Twitter account...) GAH. I also have accepted a FB friend who is friends with one person I know...

Oh, and I dropped (not on purpose) (so I guess that would be "knocked over") a glass of red wine last night and am STILL finding how far it reached. GAH.

Oh, had an absolute ball at the last SRC committee meeting. Laughed until I sort of had tears. We all revealed a deep dark secret and mine was "I want to move to New York." The rest just came out and they were super supportive and E. knows someone who already works for QBPL!!!
The ELib meeting was great, but when I got home, my introvert sirens were at high pitch. Oh, and I finally reconnected my camera and my computer, but the software is different, fun. One fascinating thing--each day of pictures gets its own folder. Which could be sort of helpful, except that it was 280 pictures.

Okay, Kate Hudson in the VCR (not DVD), let's try to drift off, shall we? Why didn't I buy the eye shades when Target had them for $1? Cuz I can't find the one that came with the nightgown mom bought me for Christmas. (I used to always think those things were ridiculous, but once I got one, oy, just wonderful.)

Oh, and I may have already received my stimulus payment, b/c it would have been/will be deposited direct as this is how I got my tax refund. I'm earmarking it towards "interview expenses." K. interviewed a few years ago at Queens and turned them down, Pittsburgh being more affordable--they all want to visit me when I move. And the cover letter/resume goes off THIS WEEK. Because otherwise I'm just spitting into the wind or something. Say a prayer...I am a little petrified.

Last night explained SuperPoke to two folks at ELib meeting. I said, it is how my sister communicates with me. She sent me a pig dressed up as Princess Leia for Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Force be with you.) I didn't know anyone knew about that except everyone that knows my dad, but hey...it made MY day. Cuz I had forgotten it was May the Fourth, you know, Pens game and all.

Okay, let's see if I can get a little more sleep.


cuileann said...

I hate the menu music...that's a good reason.

Sarah Louise said...

C, I like your new profile pic.

Read an article that talks about black screen vs. white screen a la Blackle, etc.
here (Info Week Article)

did I succeed in posting a link in my comments?

Anyways, interesting article. Apparently on some screens it makes no difference, on others it uses much more energy. FWIW.


paula said...

New York!

How exciting!

How brave!

I'll cross my fingers for you.

Sarah Louise said...


thanks--I'm allowing myself to *be* brave but not forcing myself to *feel* brave.

Thanks for the encouragement, Lord knows I need it.