Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Me, I want to talk about Me!

(Toby Keith)

Well, today is my 36.5th birthday. In six short months, I'll be officially old(er) than I am today. Whateve.

The huge news of today?? I sent food back! Without realizing what I was doing! (I never send food back, I eat bad food, quietly.) But my Turkey Rachel seemed completely sans coleslaw, and that just ain't right! So I got the waitress' attention, told her what was wrong (nicely) and she took it back. It wasn't until the food was gone that I realized the hugeness of what I had done!!

The Pens game starts in 10 minutes. I've started reading a Kristen Billerbeck book (the first in the Spa Girls series) and so I want to read some more before the game starts.



Jan said...

Happy half birhday...and


I hope you put down that book and watched the game. It was worth watching, for sure. Best hockey I've seen since I don't remember when.

Sarah Louise said...

I slept through the game, would you believe it???? I heard the first goal, though, and woke up as the game ended.

And of course, I woke up to, now we have three more games to win, and those Wings want the Cup too.

KitchenKiki said...

hmmm they won the game you slept through, maybe that is the key. You need to sleep and dream of them winning in order for them to win????

Happy belated 1/2 birthday.

Yay pens!

Sarah Louise said...

NO! I refuse to be superstitious. I may have adopted this crazy city as my own but I will not adopt its crazy sports superstitions!! I have not slept through any other winning playoff games.

I did sleep in my Stanley Cup finals t-shirt though...

Go Pens!