Saturday, May 10, 2008

Badger gave me her cold

But I'm not going to be hacking up lungs...or going to TJMaxx...Thanks luv. Actually what happened was that being so wound up and then having a chance to relax, well, anyone over 25 knows that's when your immune system says, "hey, any germs hanging out?"

Oh well, at least I'm at my folks, where I could take a two hour nap after lunch (and it's SATURDAY and I'm not at work!! Woo hoo!!)

I have been absorbing so much--stuff I'm not going to blog about b/c it's not fair to folks that have confided in me, but oh-my-goodness, drama drama drama.

And my dad has been telling me stories, and and and I got him to sign up for!!!


And, drum roll please...I submitted my resume and cover letter yesterday at 5:18 (and 23 seconds). So pray, if you are the praying sort. I have NO idea if this means it's time to move on, or if it's a chance to remind me how much I love da Burgh. Izz not ovah til the fat lady singzzz!!

Kiki, true to her word, brought two suits, the ones that were for first and second interview for the job where HP interviewed her (well, he wasn't HP yet). So she said, well, SL, I wore these suits and then I married the man who interviewed me! It was SOO great to see Kiki, I can't remember the last time I laid eyes on her. She's the cuz closest in age to me and though she's now married, she and I were single gals together and well, she knows I adore her. She made the awesomest blueberry pancakes this morning, and then I went out to breakfast with S., a nice break from family 24-7, which is often what happens when I come to the Nut.

I'm a little spaced out from the cold...this is not my best writing, but whateve. Go visit Badger, watch the last video for Song Lyric Saturdays. I'd never heard this song, but the guy from Once does a darn good job.

Haven't finished Mother's Day gift. But this story will explain why I'm not worried:

The African boy listened carefully as the teach explained why it is that Christians give presents to each other on Christmas Day. "The gift is an expression of our joy at the promise of peace on earth, and of our friendship for one another," she said.

When Christmas Day came, the boy brought the teacher a sea shell of lustrous beauty. "Where did you ever find such a beautiful shell?" the teacher asked as she gently fingered the gift.

The youth told here that there was only one spot where such extraordinary shells could be found. When he named the place, a certain bay several miles away, the teacher was left speechless.

"Why ... why, it's gorgeous ... wonderful, but you shouldn't have gone all that way to get a gift for me."

His eyes brightening, the boy answered, "Long walk part of gift."

This is truly a folk tale: as I looked for it online, it took place in Africa, Central America, it was coconuts, it was a beautiful shell, the recipient was a teacher, missionaries, male, female. This version came from here, which is a website I can't tell who authored it, but it has different stories. I heard it first in a sermon at Bellefield years ago. Sally also heard that sermon, though we weren't friends at the time, we have the shared memory.

And bizarre--me, the novel writing comments lady, has gotten shy. I left a couple comments today that were mono-syllabic. I'm reading, I'm just spaced out...

Oh, and enjoying Twitter. Very much. It is a challenge to keep what I want to say to 140 characters.

Folks are home. Ta!


Caro said...

I enjoyed your coconut shell story. Get well soon.

Karen Lynn said...
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KitchenKiki said...

And the suits look fabulous on you. (Esp the sandalwood one!)

Glad you liked the pancakes, I thought it was a good recipe!

I had fun at the Nut, your folks are good to be around. I like that your dad has an excellent memory and can tell me stories of days gone by. Even HP had a great chat with him while I went foraging at Trader Joe's. (I'm under-privileged that way)

elena jane said...

i haven't even looked at my twitter acct yet...tho i saw you added me (or whatever it's called)....thanks!!
hope you're feeling better.