Saturday, May 24, 2008

Very short post...

So I'm still doing the Twitter thing. If you are, come find me, I'm pghgurl30. Last night it took me a while to distill the party I attended into 140 characters:

"Flowers for b-day girl pollinated my shirt (orange gunk). Pink sweater from car trunk, which Lucia gummed. Good times. Yes, I held a baby."

I also had a chance to share my Queens dream with BJ, who responded with, "That's huge! You haven't moved in how many years?" which is like, yep. It's so great when people get the gist. I also got to talk to him about Pete S. and Tim Keller, which was great. He actually talked to Pete S. on the phone yesterday (briefly) because one of his professors from seminary roomed with Pete S. in seminary. BJ doesn't like Christian radio, but John Hall goes to Bellefield, so called BJ after he spoke there last week on the Sabbath rest. And he got that from Pete's book. So Dr. S. sort of handed him the phone, "here, talk to Pete." He said it was sort of bizarre. Um, yeah. Oh, so the other part is that John Hall said, "Will you come on our show?" which BJ has a number of times. I was at work when it was on so wasn't able to hear the broadcast.

Well, I'm reading Here Comes Everybody, which is about how communication has changed and the night before I just sat and in one fell swoop (stopping to brush my teeth) read The Mother Daughter Book Club (a fiction book, not the classic that started the phenom). Loved it. The girls are not friends but the moms are and they read Little Women. It's told from the perspective of the four girls. Highly recommend it.

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