Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Park, I mean Day...a photo essay of my very ALIVE sister, Bird

Near where I work, there is a cemetery called Memorial Park. There's a church right across from it, Memorial Park Presbyterian. There's a Preschool, Memorial Park Preschool. We do outreach at our library for MPP. I drive by MP (the cemetery) and MPPC (the church) every day to and from work.

So I had to laugh when the other day I was writing an email and I wrote, "Happy Memorial Park!"

Ya. In other years, I've posted pictures of flowers, memes...this year I'm bringing something I've wanted to do for awhile, pictures I've taken of Bird. Bird is my gorgeous sister, and my favorite muse when I take pictures of our family. She's highly photogenic. And very dear to me. So, because I don't have to be anywhere for a couple of hours and I can noodle with Blogger, happy Memorial park, I mean day!

And if you get this via RSS, I apologize. I'll probably be "publishing" it a couple of times to you know, "get it just right."

at the bus/train station in Harrisburg, PA, before vackay, August 2006
resting on the sofa, at the cabin, August 2006
squinting at me, in front of the Lake, August 2006
helping with the windshield cleaning, somewhere in Montana, June 2007
eating Huckleberry pie, somewhere in Montana, June 2007

bashful, Yellowstone Park lodge, June 2007
At the free vacuum carwash in Moon, June 2007

in the car, vackay, August 2007
looking like a Pre-Raphaelite muse, at the Lake, 2007

first thing in the morning, Thanksgiving 2007, Station Square Sheraton
sticking her tongue out, November 2007
at P&G Diner, the Strip District, Thanksgiving 2007
Smiling, at P&G Diner, Thanksgiving 2007
at P&G Diner, Thanksgiving, 2007

Henry, the Panda webkin that Marian gave to me, has been given to Bird, Christmas 2007
Christmas, 2007
the table was a wash table last century or earlier--I used to crayon drawings on it. Christmas 2007
motion is pink in this picture, Christmas 2007
motion is green in this picture, Christmas 2007

something red in her hands, Christmas 2007
Look at my earrings..., Christmas 2007 (Bro is pensive in the background, looks up from his book)


blackbird said...

She gets AROUND, that Bird.
And she's beautiful and looks like she's a ton of FUN.

Sarah Louise said...

She is a ton of FUN. and very beautiful. Thanks for stopping by!

KitchenKiki said...

she is definitely fun, beautiful & unique. Love the bird pics, sad I didn't see her or her pensive brother when visiting the Nut.

alyssa said...

Téah is going to MPP in the fall. (my mom works there too)

Small world, n'at.