Thursday, May 29, 2008

We won we won we won...we need three more wins.

(Peter Diana for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Yep, it's a bipolar title. What do you expect from yours truly?

I have very few rules about answering the phone, but here they are:

1) If it says unknown name or blocked--No.
2) If it says University of Pittsburgh and I know it's my grad school asking for money--No.

and 3) I don't answer the phone during a televised Penguins game. (radio games are OK, Kiki called Monday to wish me a "Happy Memorial Park" at the start of game 1)

or 4) when I'm falling asleep because I've lived through a day of drama and cramps.

I got a phone call from #2 JUST as the first goal was being scored. I did not answer, of course. I didn't even check the caller ID until after all the hoopla about the GOAL! had subsided. A little later, as I was drifting back to sleep (not for lack of exciting hockey, mind you) my folks called, and as I had sent a couple emails this week about some big stuff, I thought, I had enough drama for one day, they can leave a message too.

I fell back asleep, to the voice of Pittsburgh Hockey, Mike Lange, woke up to my phone alarm to take my bedtime meds and WE WON! So I missed this amazing game, 3-2. Well, in these games, the first goal and the last goal are the most important, so I was awake for at least one of those, maybe two.

I mean, c'mon, I went to the University of PITTSBURGH. Don't they close down telemarketing for the Pens playing for the Stanley Cup? I mean, I haven't given back yet (I will, don't worry) but I most certainly am NOT going to give back while Sidney Crosby is making his first goal of the series. (Don't you love the picture?) It's all I have, I slept through the game. I wasn't even facing the television when the goal happened.

(This snarky, spirited post is brought to you by Day 4, sleep, and the fact that I came here first, instead of reading Philip Yancey. Now I'll go read PY, but you know, I have to get the snark out once and a while.)



cuileann said...

Agreed; snark must be gotten out sometimes. All this Penguins drama has been passing vaguely over my head (besides you, another blogfriend of mine lives in Pennsylvania). It took me a while to realize what they ARE, heh.

Sarah O. said...

Go Pens! Go Pens! Go Pens!

This post reminded me that I spent one term at Pitt. It was sandwiched between the college I started and eventually graduated from. I also spent a term at Loyola U. in Chicago.

Yes, three colleges, four majors, one lousy B.A. In Psychology.

Dani said...

I stopped by to say hello after you stopped by my place, and I find out YOU'RE A HOCKEY FAN!?!?!?!

That's it. I'm making myself at home. I think I'm gonna' like it here. :)

Sarah Louise said...

C, there's more snark where that came from, on another day, in another galaxy, far far away...

Sarah, you are a Pittsburgher at heart, I love that about you.

Dani, Are you a fan too? How fun! Thanks for stopping by.



Dani said...

You betcha'. It was that, or become a hockey widow, and then I became a hockey mom!

Both dh and oldest are goalies and middle will start next season. I think Youngest is the only one that will ever be freezing his butt off at the boards with me, lol! He's my academic one. :)