Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tomorrow on Today...

It will be Katie's last day. I can't believe it! But unless I do a 180 degree turn, I think I'll be here on my sofa to watch the whole thing. (Um, yes, still sick.)

Katie who? (Click on the title!)

Well, I sleep on my sofa a lot. If I have insomnia, I shove "You've Got Mail" into the VCR. Which means I often click on the Today show as I'm wiping my eyes of sleep. So Katie Couric, and Matt Laurer, and the rest of the gang, are frequent guests in my living room.

More later. **cough, cough**


blackbird said...

Perhaps you are experiencing a manifestation of Katie pre-withdrawal.

Joke said...

I just hope they have Corey Greenberg on.


PJ said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Sarah Louise said...


You would.


Thanks. Still so not there.


my vw: srftv (was there ever a more clear command to surf the four channels I commandeer?)

MsCellania said...

Gosh, sorry you are still so sick. I hate the early summer colds. I always get one, too.

Chicken soup?
Hot toddy?

Joke said...

I can't help it, KC underwhelms me. But CG is hilarious.