Thursday, May 18, 2006

Show and tell goes Organic: It's a graduation party!

Roses! We love roses!

Organic, as in naturally occurring, not planned out. (And after blogging for almost a full year--this weekend is my first anniversary--I just discovered the spell check!) (And, don'tcha think that blogging might be a word in the spell check for a blogging software? No--it recommended "flogging." Egad!)

Today I lay out photos from the party we had over the weekend. It was, I thought, a party to celebrate my sister's graduation from college. But, as my sister and I pulled up to my parent's house and I said, "Well, the party can start now, the honored guest is here," she replied, "Two of the honored guests." What?!?

Well, I love a surprise party, so I was thrilled and surprised that this party was not just for Beps but for moi, (I got my Master's in Library Science in 2002) and for Terzo (who got his B.A. in 2004). The invitation reads:

"We invite you to share our pride and joy...
(names and dates of us, the grads)
We never celebrated any of these accomplishments with family or friends.
So we invite you to come on Saturday, May 13 at 5 pm."

It was so much fun to see people I hadn't seen in decades. There were two couples my parents served with in Bonn, Germany (It used to be the capital of that great country...), a couple we knew from Warsaw, Poland, one of my dad's friends from college and his wife, neighbors...33 guests crossed the threshold at Walnut Street.

I felt like I was back overseas, at one of my parent's cocktail parties. It's my favorite kind--you talk to someone until you realize the food is ready and then you go get food and talk to someone else. People were the living room, the den, the porch...there was even a badmitten game going on in the yard. I didn't get to talk to everyone as much as I'd like, but all in all, it was lovely!

The cake, which was for all three--I didn't get a picture of the cake when it was whole, but I thought, perfect for the blog!

There was a rolled up "diploma" for each graduate.

Hysterical moments on the mini-road trip between Beps and moi from Winchester to NOVA:

Me: This was the first Madonna album I bought.
Bep: The Immaculate Collection?
Me: Like a Virgin.

(yes, we were listening to my sister's ipod which was playing through the van's stereo system through the magic of stereophonics) Do you see the generation gap, already?

(My sister is 24. I'm 34.)

That is all. Because I need to get some food and finish enjoying ELLEN'S 500TH SHOW!


PJ said...

Ah, fond memeories of the Diplomatic Cocktail Party! I still have my book on protocol.

BabelBabe said...

um. so WHAT exactly is the show-and-tell?

MsCellania said...

Photos are your show n tell, right?

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you! And how wonderful to have a surprise party thrown for you. The BEST kind of party; just show up and be the star. Like you're famous, or somethin'.

I have a sister who is 15 years' younger and light years' smarter. She got the kinder, richer parents. My older sister and I called my parents the Pod People when they were rearing J - Who ARE these parents? Where's the discipline? Thank God we loved her so much or we might have hated her!

Anywho, there I go again with the me-me-me. But it's all about you-you-you this week.

Sarah Louise said...

BB: the show and tell is "the graduation party."

Vickee: I really don't mind the me-me-me! I think that's what the comment box is for, for sharing stories about how what we just read hits us. (At least that's how I always comment...)

BabelBabe said...

except what if we don't have a graduation party to show and tell...?

of course I DO, but some might not....

Sarah Louise said...

Hey, I don't make the rules. Organic, is what I said. Which means, choose your own.

Blackbird does the assignments.

I just made this one up, based on the pictures I took this weekend. So...make your own up, based on your pictures from this weekend...but remember, bow to the queen of S&T, blackbird.

Joke said...

I have organic produce. Zat count?


BabelBabe said...

but that's what i do on any given day. I need direction, darn it! grumble, grumble....oh, okay, fine....