Monday, May 01, 2006

Sarah Louise spends Sunday on the South Side (can you say that 5 times fast?)

The South Side Works is the newest "mall" in Pittsburgh. It's a shopping area, there's not any inside stores like a mall, but it's not a shopping center. They have a Cheesecake Factory. I had a lovely lunch there. They had other signs like this one, that said "work" or "create."
Proof that just about anywhere in Pittsburgh you can see the Cathedral of Learning. And how apropos, it was graduation day! (The Cathedral is a classroom for the University of Pittsburgh.)
Cool fountains! (At a moment when there weren't any children playing in it--temps here are in the 70s.) (that's Fahrenheit.)
Why thank you! There were signs like this one all over too, with quotes from movies, like "I want some more, please" (actually did they make Oliver! into a movie? It's from the play, anyways.) and other cool stuff. (and things) (Because I'm feeling so articulate...)

Anyways, I forgot to take pics of my new shoes. Next time!


BabelBabe said...

are you sure it was grad day? They JUST finished finals.

Sarah Louise said...

Okay, which kids? Because Pitt was most certainly graduating yesterday--traffic was such around the Peterson center that instead of heading home from Oakland, I went dahn Souside.

Also, I went to a graduation party Saturday.

And there were people walking around Oakland wearing robes and stuff.

So, yeah, pretty sure it was Pitt's graduation.