Sunday, May 28, 2006

Poetry, circa 1990

I have a cold named Harry

I have a cold named Harry
He’s as mean as mean can be
He makes me blow my nose
And sometimes makes me sneeze

Mommy says if I stay in bed
And drink lots and lots of tea
Pretty soon I’ll be all better
Back to normal, I’ll be silly, silly me.

I have a cold named Harry,
But sniffles don’t scare me.
I’ll sleep all day and drink hot chocolate
Until he’s history!

September 1990

I think I'll be catching up on all my reading and re-reading (SisterChicks do the Hula) and all y'alls blogs. It's worse on a holiday weekend, because I know y'all are out there having fun without me!


Joke said...


Feel better!


Sarah Louise said...


Poppy Buxom said...

Oh, man! I mean, I'm stuck indoors because my whole family is a bunch of nerds (including me.) But it sucks to be sick on a holiday weekend!

BTW I stole your meme idea. Check it out.

Loretta said...

Bother! Do feel better soon. Sometimes a good lie-in is better than feeling frantic to have holiday fun.

Loretta who is also coughing her brains out.

PJ said...

Feel better soon!

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks guys!

MsCellania said...

You poor thing - at least you have your books for company.

Get better sooner!