Thursday, May 25, 2006

List Friday: Summer Fifteen!

Well, this week, Loretta wants us to talk 'bout summer.

Her desire is 5/5/5: five drinks, five foods, five activities that usher in the season that is all about SUNSHINE (unless you live in Bonn, Germany, where summer means rain) (as Badger would say, ask me how I know.)

Well, y'all know by all I don't always follow directions, so I'm just going to go for what I get.

5 Drinks Songs: (I drink Iced Tea year round.....)

1. In the cool cool of the evening (HOW I LOVE THIS SONG!!!) (and being so young, I only just discovered it a year ago.)
2. Summertime (and the living is easy) (from Porgy and Bess)
3. Low Rider (featured in A Knight's Tale) (again, showing my youth...)
4. Summer Nights (from Grease)
5. Wipeout

5 Foods: (and these are all summer.) Fresh tomatoes are assumed.

1. Fresh corn on the cob
2. Watermelon (spit them pits!)
3. Italian Ice (in the category of "things I forgot to tell you," our Italian Ice guy died. So he won't be coming out this year, or ever again. *moment of silence*)
4. Chocolate: (which has its proper season: "any month whose name contains the letter A, E, or U is the proper time for chocolate"--Sandra Boynton.)
5. Potato Salad (Yes, I'll post my recipe at some point.)

5 Activities: (and these are all summer)

1. Movies at Flagstaff Hill.
2. Concerts at Hartwood Acres.
3. Summer Reading Club at the library (can you say it with me: I cannot wait until it is August and over!)
4. A visit to Sandcastle
5. A trip to the Lake (in the Poconos, with the fam.)
(6.) A graduation or a wedding. These tend to happen in the summertime...

Oh, and something to be sure to happen in the summer in Pittsburgh: in June, when we have the 3 Rivers Arts Festival, it will rain 75% of the time (or more).

(Which it is doing right now.)


Joelle said...

I love your five songs Sarah Louise. ;-) Perfect fit!

Just Expressing Myself said...

Super list. How could I forget the watermelon and Italian Ices on mine?
I found you by way of Pom.
So nice to meet you.
Have a fab holiday.

PJ said...

We have Shindig on the Green, bands come and play good music every Friday night.

Ooh, and Belle Chere, which use to be a small-ish cool festival. Now it's shoulder to shoulder with people, so we don't go much anymore:(

Loretta said...

Outdoor concerts - how could I overlook those? And come on over to NY and visit and I'll take you to the best Italian ice places around!

Badger said...

I stole "ask me how I know" from Joke. But he aconymizes it into AMHIK.

Badger said...

Er, acRonymizes it. Not that that's a word, either, but if I'm going to go around making up words I can at least spell them properly. Gah.

MsCellania said...

Love yer lists.

For me, B-52's seem to be summertime music. And Roxy Music's 'Avalon'.

You know what? You've got me in the mood to do my list, albeit Late! Thanks!