Monday, May 01, 2006

Snippets on a Monday morning...

sign at Labriola's Italian market: children who are left unattended will be SOLD.

our bagger at Giant Eagle uses a cane. 'Nuff said.

when Babelbabe wins the lottery, she owes part to the fish man. You read it here first, folks!

songs I've been hearing, that have been triggering memories of my thesis in college:

"Somewhere over the rainbow", sung at the senior luncheon by a friend who I had a bad fight with earlier that year.

"When there's no getting over the rainbow," sung by the Carpenters--in my mind, the only friend (steel yourself, my dear pagan friends) I couldn't live without is Jesus. I'm sure I have a ton of eye-rollers at the moment, but this is snippets, not the Bible hour, so moving right along...

My retirement locale was featured in the New York Times (great--push real estate prices up up up--and you're crazy if you think I'm going to broadcast the locale over the 'net)

My thesis in college is a piece I have been re-working since (um, I graduated in 1993, you do the math). It was written about a girl whose love wants to propose but first he asks the question, "Have you ever loved someone?" a question she is afraid to answer. She tells him a story about a friendship she had that was ruined when the other girl got a beau. At the end, there's a dream scene and darned if I don't have it saved on Word somewhere (nor can I find the hard copy!). The dream scene involves two dancers, one tap dancing, one ballet dancing. The storyteller comes on stage and says, "I have no words for you, for I have wasted them all. But I'll read these to you, upside down and backwards:
'Here in the frontier, there are falling leaves
Although my neighbors are all barbarians
And you, you are
a thousand miles away,
there are always
on my table'"

(i didn't write that last bit: it's from the T'ang Dynasty)

I have pictures. I'll post them later. Now I must off to work to finish moving some records--ah the glam job of a catalog librarian!!

Lunch: rolled eggplant from Labriola's. Yes, I ate it all. It was very good.

Oh, and run, do not walk, to your local movie theatre: and yes, you can take your kids: Akeelah and the Bee. Amazing does not begin to describe it.

Sorry no links, I really need to drive off to work. (On my day off, no less.)

Can you see the procrastination?

It's called one more line.

Just one more.

One more.


more....okay, I'm going.



Joke said...

The guy at Giant Eagle sounds like a VERY STRICT bagger, indeed.


blackbird said...

I remember the day I defended my college thesis -
the student who went before me was presenting 200 index cards with strokes of black on them.

Sarah Louise said...

the bagger was a she,

and wow. strokes of black--it was an art thing?

Ours was just a luncheon where people could be talented and stuff if they wanted to. It was at the President's house, and there's a bush in the backyard that my brother threw up behind a few weeks later for the graduation reception. (Nice memory, no?)

BabelBabe said...

Gah! joke!

Joke said...

OK, the GAL at Giant Eagle...


Sarah Louise said...

It took a while...

I got the joke, though.