Friday, May 12, 2006

I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys.

(Song of Solomon 2:1) I love thee, let me count the ways. A memorable scene from the movie Enchanted April (it's a crime the quote isn't on their memorable quotes page on!) (a crime, I tell you!) is where Mr. Wilkins says to his wife, Lottie, (not a direct quote):

"Flowers are the worst extravagance--they just die! Lottie, I am not a rich man. I own no bonds. What would happen if I was hit by a streetcar and you were still buying flowers?"

My favorite flowers (List Friday, courtesy of Mrs. Pom):
  • Tulips. Red, then pink, then the ones that are all swirly colored.
  • Roses. Red, but I'll take chocolate ones any day...
  • All other flowers.

Yes, I'm that discriminating!! I have silk flowers of all types all over my apartment and when tulips are 6.99 at Whole Foods or Giant Eagle, I generally splurge. I'm partial to brown eyed Susans, which are the state flower of Maryland. So "scenic overlooks" and such are all marked by brown eyed Susans... (I refuse to call them black eyed Susans, it sounds so violent!)

Someday I hope to go to Tulip Time, which takes place in Holland, Michigan, where my parents, grandparents, and baby brother all went for college, at Hope College. (Actually, I think both my aunts started there and then transferred out.) I almost went there (who couldn't love a school whose motto is "Hope in God" from Psalm 42:5, which is a pretty depressing Psalm until you get to the end) but ended up here in da Burgh.

Gotta go (um, I'm sposed to be packing, for my weekend away, but I'll take any excuse to go shopping with Babs!) to Fox Books.


'mback--I got Babs to buy my favorite book (at the moment) Eat Cake. You should read it too!

I promise next week to take time with you--I've been writing on the quick this past week...


Joke said...

But..."brown eyed" Susans sound like a pastry!


alfredsmom said...

I have been to Holland Michigan and visited their village. In fact, my in-laws just got back from Michigan and they stopped by the Tulip Festival!

Sarah Louise said...

What did you do to the man, J? There is a baby in your picture!

alfredsmom--so jealous of your in-laws. one of these years...

MsCellania said...

LOVE 'Enchanted April'! It was the first time I'd seen Polly Walker. She is exquisite.

Tulips are lovely. I planted 1,000's on a berm in my last house, and people would honk when they drove by! I bought them for pennies at a greenhouse in January, and planted them with freezing fingers, in huge bunches. I put the showy ones where we would see them, and put waves of red and yellow ones on the berm. They were great for 5 years - faithful Spring friends.

Loretta said...

Tulips are THE spring flower for me. I had several lovely weeks of tulips on my desk at work and everyone had to stop and come in and comment on them.

thanks for playing!

Sarah Louise said...

Why does brown eyed Susans sound like a pastry?

J. tells me that his avatar is a baby driving stick shift, but that he has updated it back to the dapper man (THANK YOU!)

Happy Mother's Day!!