Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tuesday: Why I love listening to Sunday morning radio

Yes, this is being written on Sunday, as I sit in my pajamas listening to Radio 360.

I just heard an interview with Vim Vendor, the German director. He has a new movie, "Don't come knocking," with Sam Shepherd.

Earlier, I heard an interview with Isabelle Campbell, who is a singer/songwriter living in Seattle.

Before that, I heard Paul Adams talk about cooking eggs with a cell phone.

Today I'll be traveling to Boston.

Right now I'm listening to an article about spam and the really good stuff that you sometimes find at the end of spam. It's to fool the filters. (Does anyone know what I'm talking about?) As an experiment, I go straight to my spam filter in my work email and find these gems.

  • "Esther, dear," she said very quietly, "I am not going home again."A light shone in upon me all at once."
  • try correspond in encephalitis but trunk , wilson it's alexandre some ccny some augustus but western it cosy not migrate ! corpus or mint it newsstand ! bellini or galway it's cyprian on bookplate
  • sway. Garfunkel bowers slung Himmler friendlier Brillouin basked. eked labored outgoing discrepancies equaling terrorizing Nestor. villa forbear maintenances reign rock germinates Niobe. nasally Mexicanize rolled protects chronology bluster escorting. manufactured departmental patterns Liverpool Zimmerman finds congratulatory. Jansenist shenanigan dock unused liberalize ballast Watertown. volleyballs peaked ambush shrinkable Norwegian arouses contaminate.
  • donate you eclat me, biddable coronary ascend . fiduciary you experiential me, hindmost cleft . quinine you viscount me, at moonlit jest what'd .beau you germany me, dewy demoniac hippocratic cricket . lilac you thump me, habitual wretch stratosphere abominate . leper you festival me, frontage flu . gunnery you picofarad me, antagonistic amethystine acetic rototill .

Is this not hysterical?


BabelBabe said...

That'd be Wim Wenders. God knows how they decide to pronounce what they pronounce however they pronounce it. Ya folla?

Sarah Louise said...

How did I miss that? I mean, me knowing German and was in there with the ohmigosh I'm leaving the house for 11 days and I have to write something to post while I'm gone...

What would I do with out you, BB?