Thursday, March 16, 2006

List Friday: Spring cometh...

(sponsored by Loretta)

Thank you to everyone who commented in on my personal blog pity party.

And now, on to the list!

Spring words



and the green grass grew all around, all around, and the green grass grew all around...


Make way for Ducklings (and goslings, and baby lambs)

soon it will be summer, and time to go to Sandcastle!!!

Winter begone:

icecycles (a word I cannot spell!) it's icicyles.

slippy roads (a little Pittsburghese)

gloves and hats and mittens


clunky boots

The things is, though, I love all the seasons and am always sad to see the one we're in go away; I don't transition well into the next one and by the time I've fallen in love with it, the seasons change once more. Like right now, I'd like one more big snow. I loved looking at pictures of ice formations (I can spell that!) on erica's blog today. I think ice can be so pretty. And I like bundling up. I don't have a nice Spring jacket, and if I bought an Easter dress, I'd have nowhere to where it. Last year I bought a pink Easter shirt. I wore it to the OD for Easter (where most people wear jeans year round.) It has already shrunk beyond comfort, so someone will enjoy it at the nearby Goodwill.


Joke said...

Good gracious, woman! Get a grip, I say!

You're talking about WINTER! Next thing you know you'll have a pet wolverine.

-J., winterphobe

Loretta said...

Your list is spring-inspiring, tho I will disagree about one more snow,,! I know just how you feel about the loneliness of that "0" in the comments section. I've been blogging for two years and I sitll hve days when I hAVe no comments, or 1 or 2. Don't despair, just keep writing diadly and people will find you.

Sarah Louise said...

There is a reason I live in Pittsburgh,land of the unpredictable and often cold weather...

What cracks me up is that rain or shine, the Channel 11 Weather Team is the "Severe Weather Team" as if sunshine and 60 qualifies because you never know when we might get another microburst or storm...I could see how Oklahoma or one of the Tornado Alley states could get away with this, but it cracks me up that Pittsburgh does.

Lazy cow said...

Never been to a Water Theme Park. Your Sandcastles is my idea of summer nirvana.

Loretta said...

I think we could call ourselves "The Bloggerists" (like y'know, the Impressioninsts..."

Sarah Louise said...

oh yes!

--erica said...

I couldn't bring myself to make the spring list.. just downright depressing. That list can't be written until MAY. .. still I buy the cute dresses and the spring shoes and FREEZE.