Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Boston man is the east wind made flesh.

(Thomas Gold Appleton)

Oh, it hurt me to use this quote since there were so many I had to not use (what are potations?) but click on the link if you want to see the ones I bronze and silver medal-ed.

Folks, I have no idea what Baaston will bring me in terms of computer connectivity. So I'll be writing some posts and saving them (like Thursday's S&T, which is windows!!). But I will be bloggging for the conference. I have to think what name to blog under....I had to sign a copyright agreement and stuff!!

And how cool is this? I could take a boat from the airport to town--I'm thinking it would be worth the $10. Sorry, no link yet.

I am panicking a little bit since I have no idea what to take to boss told me slacks are okay but all of mine are in the laundry pile and I'll be gone all of today (oh, but I can do laundry tomorrow!)

I am definately panicking, such that last night I didn't put the clean sheets on the bed, I decided it was time to watch some TV. (Which I haven't done on a Friday in ages!!) And since I only get NBC, PBS, and FOX, I watched the end of some show and then Convictions. Which wasn't half bad. I expected much much worse, from the commercials. See, I can't even write grammatically.

Today I'll be in cataloguing, and it is my last day there for two weeks, so doubtful I'll blog at all on library time today. Panicking!!

Oh, and I'm turning the TV off. (Yes, I fell asleep with it on and had dreams about how I was leery to trust the people who were telling me I could make millions in 15 min a day if I followed their program that had something to do with watching stocks.) (And I was telling the people, but I love my job--which I do, which is brand new to me--I loved working for Fox Books the last year, but I wasn't proud of being a retail slave. But I really do love being a librarian!) Why am I mad at the TV, you ask? Let me tell you: First they tell me there will be non-stop to Boston flights that will be $64 one way IN JUNE. Um, could you have planned it around MY trip, folks? Then they tell me that some airlines might soon be charging $$ for the one Coke you get (unless they serve Pepsi....grrr) and that some airlines already charge more for aisle seats!! (I have long legs folks!)

And when did folks become the most used word in my vocab (although I'm glad I got over my "peeps" stage...that was scary!) (I blame it on this ultra-cute tshirt I saw at Kmart) (Oh, it was SO cute!!)

As my father would say, "Mooving right along..."

Oh, and did you see the comment count for my pity party? 22!! Thank you guys! Oh, I could do one of those Oscar speeches, I'd like to thank...and here is some more reason why, from March's Ladies Home Journal (can you believe they already mailed me April's? panicking!):

Oh--to set up the quote, limbic connections are like contact with people.

And by having more than 6 connections outside the house (well, the only one inside my house is with me, so....) reduces my chances of blocked arteries, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and depression!

"Every single human being on the planet craves limbic connections. We just need to head out the door to build them. The tide of social atrophy--limbic decay--is not that strong. It's just remorsely steady. The ultimate message is swim against the tide, every day. If you work at it steadily, it is almost impossible to fail." (Ladies Home Journal, p. 28.) (So sue me if it's not MLA annotation!) (I already told you it's March!) (and the author is Henry Lodge with Chris Crowley)

Clearly, having the TV on all night makes me downright aggressive!

Oh there is so much I want to write about and yet if I don't go wash my hair now, it will stay dirty and that can't happen b/c I have the Mother Daughter Book Club today AND a reporter is coming to talk to the girls about "what makes a good teacher" and then watch the group. And I wanted to have a good game to get them talking but I couldn't figure one up yesterday...We're reading Wait Till Helen Comes, which I described in an email to the reporter as The Haunting of Hill House (Shirley Jackson) for kids, with a happy ending.

And my music is skipping, but it's not the CD player b/c MP3's were skipping yesterday...

Oh, I'm going. Talk among yourselves.

(one of those cane things that yanks performers off the stage appears and SL screams "But I have so much more to say!")

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