Friday, March 31, 2006

The one where there was MUCH REJOICING!!

(Snoopy dance)

I am home! Yes, I am back at my computer in my third floor walk up garret and I am listening to some crooner on the nostalgia station. (They played "Second Hand Rose" earlier, the sweethearts.) Oh, and they are now playing a song that was featured on the only episode of "Are You Being Served?" that I watched til the end of the show--it has a "Rat tat ta" and "J'adore" in it. (It's pretty on the radio, but it was hysterical on AYBS!!)

Tomorrow I'll probably help clean up Highland Park, unpack, and maybe go see "Failure to Launch" again. Oh, and drive to work (once I get my car back) to pick up my Inter Library Loan Holds, especially "Walk the Line" (I've only seen it 2x...this is a movie for the ages...)

And I promise to do a Show and Tell this weekend. Windows, of course, and maybe chocolate (I rewarded myself each leg of today's trip with a square of the Godiva chocolate with raspberry.) Also, I will post on Boston, and airports.

Other things:

But I had a wonderful time away, which with stories I will regale once I get sleep, milk, and unpack, maybe not in that order...



--erica said...

I'm glad you're home!
I'm also thrilled with the daylight savings thing! My kids are getting up WAAAY too early!

blackbird said...

welcome home.

Joke said...

Is Arizona still holding out on DST?


Sarah Louise said...

As far as I could decipher, Arizona is still a holdout for DST.

and my vw is a bad april fools joke--it is like 15 letters long!!

Joke said...

Barry Goldwater is still looking out for his home state.