Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The one where the answer to the question "Did you sleep?" is YES!!

If you were contacted by me to pray or I bitched incencently to you via email (I cannot spell and I do not care), THANK YOU! Yesterday I had a shower, I went to New Hampshire for breakfast, and I slept! I went to bed after American Idol (no, I did not watch House, I went to bed!) And I slept from 9 something pm to 6 something am.

It is a wonderful thing, sleep. Also showers. I recommend them HIGHLY!

I also recommend going to New Hampshire for breakfast, esp. if it means you get to see how they make maple syrup after you have eaten your pancake, your sausages, half of Princess's hash browns, a half a piece of toast, and drank a glass of water and a glass of ice tea.

Since we're on the topic of shopping (see Poppy and Blackbird), I'll fill you in on my latest spree. I went to a LL Bean factory store. OMG this was dangerous! I bought one of those barn coats and a (of course pink) fleece thing and a parka that has a hood.

Monday morning (where I was awake from at least 3 am to 7 am) I read Maniac Magee. WOW! Now, yes, I know as a librarian, for children, I should have read every Newbery and Caldecott ever written, but I haven't gotten there yet. And I'm not sure it's my goal, as some books are just meant to stay on the shelf gathering dust. But NO ONE TOLD ME how great Maniac Magee was. (So I'm telling YOU!) Why did I read it Monday? b/c my cd player w/headphones was downstairs and I didn't want to wake anyone up and MM was just sitting there on the shelf. Once I started, I could not put it down. Well, no, I put it down twice. But when you have a span of four hours when you have sequestered yourself in a child's room with nothing to do but organize your luggage and its contents, a good book comes in handy.

So. Maniac Magee. What a great book! It is not funny, but it is this great legend about this boy who has no home but...oh I can't describe it. The language sings, the story rocks, and I can't believe that no one told me I had to read this book. I'll try to be more descriptive later...

Yesterday I re-read The Great Gilly Hopkins. I love Katherine Paterson. Duh (have you met me?). But I had forgotten what a great book this is. You would never guess KP is a minister's wife...

Although I think we all have misconceptions there. I know three ministers wifes (I am not fixing the plurals, it is not even 9 am!) and they are all very different. One is in a band (and she rocks!), another teaches yoga, and the third directed the school play.

Can you tell I missed yins and am crazy happy to be blogging again?????

Hopefully today I'll have a chance to download my photos...I had lotsa fun in Baaston.

Tomorrow, the quest to reunite with more high school friends continues. So far, let's recap:
  • I had coffee with L in February (whom I'd not seen since graduation)
  • after my time in Baaston, on Saturday I came to visit with Susan for a week (whom I'd not seen for 6 years).
  • Sunday, I had lunch with Lorelei, (whom I'd not seen for 13 years)
  • and tomorrow, Susan and I have a playdate with K, whom I've not seen since we graduated in 1989. Yes, it's called make your own high school reunion!
  • Why, though, she wonders, did three of my friends from Maryland settle in Massachusets and Maine? (It must have to do with the letter M.) (Says the children's librarian...)

Oh, and the New Englanders, they understand the concept, "Classic Rock." While in DC or even Pittsburgh, you might hear some Guns and Roses on the "klassic" station, here you hear Grand Funk singing a cover of Little Eva's "Locomotion"! (I had never heard this cover before and loved it! It goes on the "when Sarah Louise has a Shin Dig what they'll play list") I hear Grand Funk Railroad in Pittsburgh so rarely that I almost jumped out of the car when I heard them on Frank-FM, which I think is a great name for a radio station.

Okay, time to get links to Poppy and Blackbird and get some grub. Blogging makes me hungry! Besides, as Susan will tell you, from studying for her Chem midterm tonight (pray, y'all!), breathing is work.


blackbird said...

I am equally happy shopping at LLB.
sounds like you had a good trip -
it's good to have you back...

--erica said...

welcome home!
I'd love to travel to New England.. lucky girl:)

Joke said...

Where IS the LLB factory store? We meandered through three states and never found it.


Sarah Louise said...

There are 4 in NH and three in ME. There are assorted others in other states.

Joke said...

Well, poo.

-J., who did manage to find the Polo store and the Maple Syrup outlet.