Thursday, December 16, 2021

Being Alive

(Stephen Sondheim, Company)

Dammit, with the Frenchman, I lived a version of a romance novel and now nothing seems as romantic. Plus, I'm not "dating" the last two weekends of the year, so I've stopped swiping on Match. So I have the current guy...who is just a normal guy, and doesn't seem smitten. (But what if he is and I just can't tell because my version is warped?)

I have been spoiled. 

The philosopher pursued me for months. I finally gave in and we had a very interesting year, my longest relationship was almost 25 years ago!!!


Last night he asked me about my blog. I said, it's about me, that's why it's anonymous. I had to correct him on spelling my name. 

I mean, I had to. If we're going to have any kind of future, he has to know it's Sarah, not Sara. (My actual name has so many spellings, but you get the drift.) 




Yes, that's the post. I see my therapist in less than an hour, on Zoom. 

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