Friday, December 17, 2021

Being Alive (take 2)


Someone to hold you too close... (Which I highly doubt will happen tomorrow.) 

Yesterday I shared the lunchroom with my coworker Klein, who just got out of a 21 year marriage. So of course he's full of how sacrificial marriage is and how I shouldn't think the grass is greener on the other side. 

I said, you sacrifice things by being alone too. I've never had the teamwork of a long term relationship. I've never created something with someone else. Aside from my parents, I've never shared the burden of housework. I wanted to do this myself. I wanted to make something of myself before I started a relationship, be a Mary Kay director, be an author. But I'm 50 now and none of those things have happened--it's time to couple up. (I did not say any of theses things after the first sentence to Klein.)

No, never been married. No, no children. Lots of life experience, though. 

We're going to see a Wes Anderson film. The last one I went to, I walked out of--just checked the Rotten Tomatoes tomato meter and that movie got better ratings than this one. But I liked the previews better than the other movie he suggested. Well, I didn't even consider the Matrix. I haven't seen a Matrix movie for 20 years?

Listening to the "Company" soundtrack as I write this. It's all about relationships. 

This blog post really has nothing new in it. But I'll hit publish, because it's almost 8 a.m.

Oh, and my therapist said that probably the reason the romance isn't flowing is because men in their fifties who are on Match are probably tired and worn out. 

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