Sunday, June 29, 2008


I hate untitled things. But I have been cleaning and writing and talking to my dad. I think my dad and I may have talked for over an hour, and now it's 2:30 and neither of us have had lunch.

Go hug someone. Not to be morbid, but when we lose such greats as Russert, Carlin and Tudor in one short span of time, online time seems less important than being present to people off-line.

I do have many things to share with you, but they'll wait til a time when I've eaten.

Oh, but do me a favor. Go listen to Ann Patchett's commencement speech. Then go to your nearest book depository and get thee a copy of "What now?"



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Heidi Renee said...

thank you sl - as a chronic starer i really needed to hear this.