Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Even the place itself becomes part of you, I don't really know how to explain it

Paula, over at Mixed with Sugar, has been spending the month writing about home. And she, like me, has traveled/lived many places, so home is an interesting concept, home REALLY becomes "where the heart is."

Her husband was in the military, so they lived on a lot of military bases. She just learned that a former home (base) has been disestablished, which sounds like military speak for gone. I love that Paula blogs about this, because I know what she means, even though she's writing more eloquently than I. Berlin returned to being Germany's capital in 1999, after the Wall came down in 1989. Which is wonderful. But it means that the place that I spent first and second grades, Bonn, Germany, is no longer the capital, and I'm sure that almost ALL of the military bases that we shopped at have been disestablished.

This was my comment to her post:

"Even the place itself becomes part of you, I don't really know how to explain it..."

For instance, I have a vocabulary of random foreign phrases that I utter. And if I had a plane ticket to anywhere, it would be to Warsaw, probably one of the least romantic cities in the world to anyone else but me.

It's so nice to read someone's words and know exactly what they mean because you feel the same way.

Thanks, Paula. It was a post that made me think in my heart, me too! Me too.

Linking this up, looking up the dates, finding the Wikipedia page for Bonn, and looking at pictures of the Rhine, I am tearing up. I don't remember all of these places directly, but I have memories linked to scrapbook pictures. Here is a link to Bad Godesburg. The "Bad" is German for "spa."


cuileann said...

She lived in Iceland? You lived in Bonn? (Ah, the TKC stuff becomes clear.) Luckies...but hey, I spent a summer near the Rhine - the lower part, though, across the border from Switzerland - as an exchange student. :) You should tell about Warsaw sometime.

Re: The Luxe, I haven't actually read it, and don't plan to - a number of my blogging/foruming friends have read it, and I've only heard one mostly positive review. Probably should have noted that.

paula said...

You are very sweet, it's funny how one thing can remind you of so much...