Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cat sitting...or being sat upon

So I'm back from lunch. It's raining ovah heah. Drizzling now. I went over to Sally's for lunch just b/c I spent the morning reading and watching the Tim Russert tributes on the Today show so I left for work at 8:55, with my lunch still in the freezer.

This morning, while reading, the cat (no, I don't know her name) just wanted to be near me. On me. Next to me. Same dealy-o last night.

I did take pictures, but she's camera shy. I'll post them when I get home. (You'll see, this is not a cat that likes to be in pictures.)

Have been reading Plan B--how I adore Anne Lamott.

If I hadn't come into work and just been bombarded by boredom for the first hour or so, I might be able to tell you why I love AL. But you'll just have to find out by yourself.

Go hug someone--especially Dad, but anyone will do.

Oh, and am still reading Luanne Rice book (The Edge of Winter), it's kind of a predictable "family story," the kind of book shelved in "women's fiction" but my brain couldn't take AL at lunch--it's true that you need to be in the right mood to read certain books. And not to diz Luanne, cuz, her Home Fires was a favorite of mine about ten years ago. I get her confused with Lois Battle. We read Bed and Breakfast about seven years ago when I "ran" a book club at Fox Books in Virginia.

I'm sure there's some series I have to check or something...


daysgoby said...

Weird, lovey, I just read Angels All Over Town, which wasn't one of her best...
Let me know what you think (at the end) of the one you're reading, okay?

Need to call my Dad -

Sarah Yost said...

Oh yes. love me some anne lamott. but i haven't read plan b yet. it's on my stack.