Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday, Monday, can't trust that day...

From now on, you'll have to expect tiny spoilers from the SATC movie. I will try to not give it all away, but them's my girls, and I feel like writing about them is as normal as writing about having coffee with Babs at Tazzo. [-ed.]

So I'm I guess in a burst of writing, since I've posted at least once a day in the past four.

I'm still just reading Philip in the morning--we go through these seasons. When I say just, it's because I'd rather be in a place where I'm finishing up the Beth Moore homework that I didn't do for the entire study, just about. Or reading the Psalms at least, and marking up my Bible. But Philip lets me know what I know--there are seasons. God bless him.

And last night BJ's sermon was on the spiritual gifts. And he said, I'm not going to give you something you a pat answer, now you'll know your gifts. This is a life long journey. He said that a couple times throughout, just to make sure we got the point. Thank God! I don't have to be perfect today, or even tomorrow. Good, cause this sinus infection is cramping my style. Yes, after one round of antibiotics, I'm still not feeling great. I went to bed last night at 9:30 and woke up at 7:30 a.m. Yo, that's not because I'm depressed. It's cause I'm exhausted.

(drat, I didn't get a handout!) (BJ had handouts about spiritual gifts...I'll have to email him.) (Well, I was going to email him anyways, I'm hoping to get a small group started this summer.)

At the end of the service, we prayed for two families, one who is going through what they hope is adoption (they're foster parenting the child right now, the court hearing is Wednesday) and one family who is pregnant but just found out there might be complications. It felt good to stand there, laying hands on the families, praying for them. The OD is growing up, yo! Not that we haven't prayed for folks up front before, but BJ went around, asked the families if they wanted that, asked the church leaders what they thought, and well, you know, it was Presbyterian. But nothing frozen about it. (I only learned in my adulthood that Presbyterians are often called God's frozen chosen.) I don't think I've met a frozen Presbyterian in Pittsburgh yet.

I had put a bookmark (well, truth be told, my bookmarks are often napkin holders from restaurants, you know, the paper that holds the napkin closed with the silverware inside) in what I read yesterday morning. I read some more today, but went back to see what it was that I had bookmarked (I had a bookmark for where I'd stopped yesterday, but another one to remind me of what I'd read yesterday--two bookmarks.)

Anyways. Is anyone still reading this gobbledygook? Yesterday I put a marker on this paragraph.

"'Tempting God means trying to get more assurance than God has given,' said the wise Bishop Lesslie Newbigen. I have to face the honest fact that Christians live in poverty, get sick, lose their hair and teeth, and wear eyeglasses at approximately the same rate as everyone else." (oh, will someone tell that to the advertisers of the local Christian radio station?!!) Phil goes on, and here's the kicker: "Christians die at exactly the same rate: 100 percent." [emphasis mine -ed.]

It's not health and wealth, youth at any cost. Yes, women can be fabulous and single at 50 (Thank you Samantha!) It's okay to ask for prayer for a summer sinus infection. (Afterwards, I had one guy come up and say, I'm fighting one too.)

I was late to church yesterday. I came in during the second song. (We generally sing three songs at the beginning.) The chairs are fixed funny so there's less "back row" seating. I'm sure that's on purpose, but for those of us that like back row seating, it's a little unnerving. And Alyssa's on vacation, so I couldn't sit with her on the rug with the kids. So I stood in the back. Finally, I got myself a folding chair, and since there was no logical place to add it on to the funny way the chairs were situated, I sat against the wall. Yes, I was my very own church wallflower. When he wasn't singing, my friend S. was sitting back there too, so that was a comfort. And I was right by the fan, so BJ gave me a job--bless him, I was the one to turn the fan on and off.

It's a life long journey, yins. We go through times of belonging so hard we can't imagine a time we didn't belong. We go through times of feeling like we can't see through the dirty glass no matter how many times we wash it (bird poo has that effect.) And every once and awhile, we get a hug. Or just good eye contact. A couple of smiles and a conversation.

Have a great Monday. I have to get ready for walking the treadmill, talking to my therapist, and ack! I have to go to Trader Joes today! But at least if I have to go to the grocery store, it's one where they try to make things fun. Be forewarned, I may take pictures.

Oh, look at the time!


elena jane said...

hope you got to TJs today, yay for walking...i'm taking the little ones there tomorrow! we LOVE going...:)

cuileann said...

I like that second-to-last long/third-to-last paragraph a lot.

Sarah Louise said...

EJ, It took me a while to figure out what TJ's was...oh! yeah! I forgot my camera.

C, me too. Thanks for noticing.